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Trade-off - Trapping - Done!

What I Can Make: Pretty much anything in Bodyshop and HomeCrafter. I also know my way around making objects.
My General Style: Quite modern, semi realistic. You can see pictures from my game under this tag at my LJ :)
Amount of Participants I Want: 6 Closed.
What I'd Like to Receive: Anything that suits my game style, really. I always have room for new clothing and hairs, but I wouldn't say no to walls, makeup or objects or anything else for that matter. I love surprises :3

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Trade Off - Jomeo - Closed

What I Can Make: Sims, mainly. But I can do extremely basic clothing recolours, lip blends, and I'm learning shoeswaps
My General Style: Semi realistic, Vintage/Retro: 1920 - 1960, No photoskinning please :)
Amount of Participants I Want: 1
What I'd Like to Receive: I'm not fussy! - Here's some general ideas though. (If it's retro I will love you forever.)
I use Pooklet hair textures, Goat/iCad wood, Anna's & Poppet's colours and Lilith skinblends.
Bodyshop - Clothing for adults and children, 3t2 Store clothing conversions - I want my hands on that Jazz Age Wear set so bad, Pooklet'd versions of any of these, Nosemasks, 3t2 Hair conversions.
Objects - Clutter! Lots and lots of clutter! Any decorative stuff is nice, object recolours
Build - Walls/Floors, Cornice fencing, plants
Lots - No larger than 2x2, I like them teeny!


Trade-off - Trappingit - Done!

What I Can Make: Pretty much anything in BodyShop and HomeCrafter. I also know my way around making objects.
My General Style: Semi maxis-match/semi-realistic. Rather modern.
Amount of Participants I Want: 2
What I'd Like to Receive: I'm open to pretty much anything as long as it fits in my game in general. I love clothing for any age group/gender, hairs for both genders (preferably all ages enabled) in Io's edit of Pooklet's v2-textures/Nymphy's wavy texture/the African textures from the TS3 store, walls, floors, IKEA-esque objects, makeup in any cathegory (especially lips <3)... etc. I'm sure anything would make me a very happy camper ^_^

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Trade-off - Amaryll - Closed (temporarily)

What I Can Make: clothing meshes, basic object meshes, genetics, make-up

My General Style: semi-realistic

Amount of Participants I Want: 5 (but I might open more spots later on)

What I'd Like to Receive: defaults for multi-grouped clothing/hair, age conversions, hair in Lilith's textures, object recolours/retextures

I can't words, so I quote from Tumblr:
I have been debating with myself whether it’d be terribly bad manners if I asked someone else to do a task for me I could do myself, but terribly dislike, and in turn offer to make something for them. I know passing on boring tasks to someone else is basically “not nice”, but I guess other people might not mind them as much as I do?

Basically, if you ever wanted something for your sims, but would have needed a mesher, this is the time. ;)

Trade-Off - Nyren - Closed

What I Can Make: No meshing at all. Basic bodyshop stuff like clothes, makeups, genetics, stuff like that. Hair-retextures, object re-coloring and re-texturing, small lots, sims, walls/floors.

My General Style: Maxis-Match! Although I don't mind semi-realistic makeup. Sci-Fi ish I guess, with modern and clean stuff.

Amount of Participants I Want: 2 for now. Closed at the moment!

What I'd Like to Recieve:
I'd probably make a long list so hopefully it'll give people a lot of ideas..

- Anything colorful and bright. Dull colors aren't really my thing and they don't usually get a lot of use in my game.
- Hair re-textures using Remi's textures. Unnaturals are also cool, I love Pooklet's unnaturals on maxis matchy textures. No streaked hairs please! I need more for my male sims too.
- Anything in Huning's Pony Colors, usually objects, hair, or clothes. Goat's wood textures (preferably Heatland) on any furniture.
- Soft grunge clothing, lolita clothes, anything that looks like Japanese street clothing I guess? Or geeky school-like clothes for any gender and ages. Bright re-colors of Trapping's meshes, skirts and cat leggings and things like that, sweatervests for both genders, shirts, loose t-shirts. I'd love to have any clothes like that for any gender/ages.
- Pixicat's shoes (any of them) on skinny jeans meshes, skirts, or shorts for the dudes! I also like docs, chucks, and creepers.
- Colorful plant recolors for alien neighborhoods would be really really great.
- Simple patterned wallpapers (like geometric patterns for example), concrete walls, or brick walls in Huning's Pony Colors.
- More 3t2 Into the Future conversions. Preferably the sleeping pod, or any other objects from the game. Furniture, rabbit holes made into neighborhood deco, or even the robots made into sculptures or something. Literally anything from that EP are always great.
- Flower crowns! I want them in soft pastel colors.
- Stuff for laboratories, telescopes, lab supplies clutter, computers, weird science gizmos.
- Makeups for alien sims are cool too (preferably things like marks, freckles that matches Lilith's colorful feathers skins, cat eyeliners, LIlith's nosemasks that matches her colorful skins too).
- Cat alien skins because there aren't a lot of them and I need more or tattooed skins on Lilith's maxis match skins.
- As for objects I'd love to have more patterned curtains, sofas and chairs, IKEA like furnitures, desks, gardening supplies and colorful bed recolors would be nice too.
- More goggles recolors in bright colors or colourlovers patterns.

I hope this isn't too much or too specific...anything colorful and fun will definitely fit my game! You can always check my tumblr if you still need more ideas of things I like or my game style.

Trade Off - slyndsey

What I Can Make: Sims, lots, painting recolors. Maybe some other kind of recolors too if I tried it :P
My General Style: Maxis match
Amount of Participants I Want: 3? Three is good.
What I'd Like to Receive: Anything you'd like to trade me. I definitely have an obsession with anything plants related, though. And maybe something spring related? I don't know. Just throwing out some ideas.

I've never traded before, so I hope I'm doing this right! <3

Trade-off - FlowerMisty - Open

What I Can Make: Accessory Meshing, Clothing Meshing, Bodyshape Meshing, Game Conversions (Outfits& Accessories), Object Retextures, Hair Retextures (Especially Kinky, Kurly, or Koily hair textures). I prefer bodyshop work but I'm not very good with clothing textures.
My General Style: Stylized. Themes: Tropical, Exotic, Gothic, Whimsical, Magical, Antique, Quirky, Luxury, Fantasy, & Spooky.
Amount of Participants I Want: 3 1 Spot Left!
What I'd Like to Receive:
1x1 (residential or apartmentbase) Brownstones Build Mode CC only.
3x3 and Smaller Row Lots (apartments or community) in Victorian Stick Style, Italianate, or Streamline Moderne. Build Mode CC only.
Pose box for Temple/Hand Maidens
Frankenstein Stitches in an overlay Box.
NPC Defaults with AfbodySwim & AMbodySwim - BV Bellhop, BV Maid, BV Tour Gudie, & BG Driver. (Any one is fine)
Fly Pig from OFB defaulted with the Vampire Bat (in a Flying Pose) from NL.
Assassin Creed Hood Defaulted for "amhatbeanie" (and a F2M version default for "afBeanie")
3t2 Object Conversion of Roaring Heights Rabbit Holes.
3t2 Hair Conversion of Nouveau Clown Hat (Alpha out the hat please) in Pooklet's Colors
3t2 Hair Conversion of Diva Plava Hairstyle in Pooklet's Colors
3t2 Hair Conversion of Sweet Treats Girl Scout Pigtails in Alfredaskew's The View
3t2 Hair Conversion of Midcentury Modern Beehive Ponytail in Alfredaskew's The View
Recolors of Moune's Amali Plants to match Yuxi's plants and Lalabus plants.
Realistic retexture of AL's Socialite Mirror similar to Yuxi's Galeria Occitana.
Metallic Gold, Copper & Bronze recolors of Maxis Lafenetre window, AL Socialite Door, or Adele Liam Build.

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Trade-off - Trapping - Closed

What I Can Make: Pretty much anything in Bodyshop and HomeCrafter. I also know my way around how to make objects.
My General Style: Semi realistic, rather modern.
Amount of Participants I Want: 3/3 Closed.
What I'd Like to Receive: I can never have enough clothes, hairs, makeup or walls/floors, but pretty much anything would make me a very happy camper :3

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Don&#39;t Blink

Trade-Off - ZeroDark - Open

What I Can Make: Sims (semi-realistic), hair re-textures (w/alpha editing), some clothing recolors, make-up (especially special effect), walls, floors, lots, object recolors, object defaults, make-up/eye defaults

My General Style: Art Nouveau, non-hardcore punk, Yuxi/Nymphy/Adele/CuriousB are favorite creators for items

Amount of Participants I Want: 2 for now -- I love making stuff, but please give me specifics on what you would like!

What I'd Like to Receive:
* Conversion - B5 Studio Craftsman Chic - any part or all of it - Set 1, Set 2
* Object Fix - Adele Xavier Lamp - Make the sheer curtain a subset instead of one of the two it's currently set for
* Conversion - Aekia Guinea - Shirt and two Skirts - for the longer skirt I'd love these shoes instead
* Conversion - Maxis Store Hair - Surfing Side Braid
* Hair Colors - Pooklet: Dynamite, Depth Charge, Volatile, and your choice of Explosive or Pyrotechnic; Unnaturals - Bastet, Kobald, and Shinji
* New Content - Almost anything Build Mode, wood floors in a range of colors,if you do a wall please use mouldings
* Body Shop - Thick eyebrows (defined arch for females, please (guh)), make-up that works for a variety of skintones
* Shoe Swap - These shoes on Curiona's recolors of Needlecreams outfit (on GoS? - can't find link)
* Pretty much any of Pixicat's shoes on pretty much anything, really. I like clunky boots, gladiator sandals (low and high), and flats. PLEASE NO t-straps or geldyh wedges (with the shine)
* I like jewel tones and deep colors in general (please no neon objects)
* Recolors of pretty much anything I've ever made a PSD for - especially the Moroccan House Armoire since there is that new set slaved to it by Hafsie Azaele (please do the counters as well)
* Other Stuffz - I'm re-building my CC from the ground up so give me your best!

Trade Off - YanderePlumSims - Closed

What I Can Make: Bodyshop Recolors, Accessories Recolors, Hair Retexture/Recolor, Clown's Make-up, Sims, Shoe Swap, Lots, Defaults, Basic Paintings, Walls and Floors.
My General Style: Maxis Match
Amount of Participants I Want: (2/2)
What I'd Like to Receive: Object recolors; Paintings; Wooden walls and floors (i'm specially lacking walls in AL Woods); Clothing for Toddlers, Child, Teens or Elders is always needed; Small lots, i'm building an small farmer town, so things on that style are welcome ... also anything vintage halloween related

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