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[sticky post]The Big Trade-Off
trappingit wrote in thebigtradeoff

You know all the "comment and I make you a Sim"-posts that's been going around? The ones that in some cases evolved to including more things than Sims? Well, something that's popular and (above that) fun to do deserves to get some attention. In this case I figured a community would be a good way to go. This is The Big Trade-Off. Dedicated to requests in forms of trading items with each other. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner on creating or have done it for years - anyone is welcome to participate. How will this work then? Well, first of all you need to become a member so go do that. The goal is that there when this gets started will be at least one running post at all times where members trade items with each other (more info will be found under the cut). If this goes the way I hope there will be events, challenges and contests laying ahead ^__^

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Questions you might have:

Q: What is this?
A: This is a LJ-community made for it's users to trade items with each other, participate in challenges, events and contests.

Q: Can anyone become a member?
A: Sure, anyone can become a member - even if you're not a creator. It's, of course, a plus that you know your way around Body Shop, SimPE or HomeCrafter if you're planning on participating in the trade-offs, but if you're just planning on looking at stuff, downloading or participate in certain challenges, events or contests you don't have to know how to create anything.

Q: Who are administrating this site?
A: I (Trapping) am the creator of the site and I'm managing it together with Voleste. If you have any questions you can turn to us :3

Q: How will the trade-off work?
A 1: If you start the trade-off.
You start a topic with the title "Trade-off - [Your Username] - Open/Closed" (change the "open" to "closed" when you have as many participants as you'd like to have) and copy/paste this form with your information filled in:

What I Can Make: [Ex. Sims, clothes-meshes, clothes-retextures, hair re-textures, floors, walls etc.]
My General Style: [Ex. modern, maxis-match, semi-realistic, steampunk, Victorian]
Amount of Participants I Want: [Anything between 1-20 goes, it all matters on how many gifts you want to make and how much time you've got]
What I'd Like to Receive: [Meaning what kind of item you would like in return for the gift you make for someone. The longer this list is the better as not everyone can create everything. A comment like "anything goes" is perfectly fine or something in the lines of "clothes for kids" or "I could use a house for my legacy". Anything that the person who wants to trade with you can make for you in return]

Feel free to add more info if you'd like (example; what you want to make, what you feel like making etc.)
When/if you receive any comments from people who'd like to trade with you, you reply to their comments with either accept or declined. If declined, please add a small description to why the comment was declined. Reasons for declining can be anything from the fact that you can't make what the person would like to receive or that you feel that your game-styles doesn't match enough for you to be able to make anything for that person.
When you've finished the gift for the person who replied to your post, wait for the person to post their gift for you in the comment-section and then just edit your post and add an in-game picture of the gift as well as a download-link in the post (the reason I want things to be this way around is that I think people who make the posts will in general be more serious about the trade-part than the person who comments so I want to make sure person (A) receives their trade-gift from person (B)).
Feel free to have discussions in the trade-posts - all "unnecessary" comments will be screened by either me or Kayleigh at the end of each month.
If you want to mark that all your trades are finished you can add a line of text like "all done" or "finito" at the end of the title to your post (that is, behind the word "closed") to point out that all parties in your post (as well as yourself) have done their trades :)

A 2: If you participate in a trade-off.
Look to see if any posts are open. If not, then you can always make your own post (check A 1).
If a post is indeed open, check to see what the person wrote when it comes to what they'd like in return and see if you could fulfill that. If you think you could make something in return to the person who made the post then copy/paste this form with your information filled in, and post a comment reply:

What I Can Make: [Ex. Sims, clothes-meshes, clothes-retextures, hair re-textures, floors, walls etc. - And what you're planning to make for the person who made the post (after having taken a look at what they'd like to receive)]
My General Style: [Ex. modern, maxis-match, semi-realistic, steampunk, Victorian]
What I'd Like to Receive: [Meaning what kind of item you would like in return for the gift you make for someone. Make sure to check the list the poster wrote in terms of what they can create. A comment like "anything goes" is perfectly fine or something in the lines of "a Sim with this and that feature" or "I could use a house for my legacy". Anything that the person who wants to trade with you can make for you in return]

When this is done all you can do is wait for the person who made the post to answer to your comment saying it's either accepted or declined. If accepted you move on to make a gift for that person. Whenever you're done make a new reply to the accept/decline comment and post an in-game picture and download-link to what you've made. Within two weeks after the deal was made (deal = I make you something, you make me something) the original post should have been updated with a picture and a download-link to what the person who made the post has made for you.

Q: I haven't received any replies, what do I do?
A: If you don't have much experience in creating, please look through already open trade-posts before making your own as that's a more secure way of making sure you get someone to trade with. You can enter as many trades as you'd like, so even if you want to do a whole bunch of them entering other people's posts is nothing to shrug away from :)
If you have made a thread but not received any replies, it might be because people don't really know what your game looks like and therefore are insecure if they would be able to make something for you or not. A good way to go would be to post some pictures of your game over at your LJ and then link people to those pictures through your post.

Q: How long will people have to reply to my post?
A: A post will stay on the site for about a month without replies, and then it gets deleted. Posts that have replies wont get deleted. If your post remains empty and gets deleted after a month, check the question above to see what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

Q: How long does one have to finish their trade-off?
A: I know not everyone has a lot of time to dedicate to The Sims, but to keep this a bit organized and since we're not talking about any HUGE gifts here I'd say two weeks. A trade-off has to be finished and both (meaning the post-maker as well as the commenter) must have received their gifts 14 days after the deal was made.

Q: Does the gift have to be big?
A: No, absolutely not. No one asks for anything huge here. Just make sure you as a creator have put enough amount of time and effort in what you've made to be proud of it as a gift.

Q: Can I participate in a trade-off/challenge/contest/event even if I'm not a member?
A: Sadly, no. But anyone is welcome to become a member. All you have to to is click the "Join this community"-button at the top and then everything will be open for you ^__^

Q: What is the goal of all of this?
A: For everyone to have a good time, learn to make new CC and (hopefully) get to know new people. + for everyone to get new, cool downloads for their downloads-folder and to prove that the TS2-community hasn't died out ;3

Q: Can gifts be private (in other words, sent by PM and then not pictured anywhere else)?
A: You could do that, but the whole idea is about sharing and making stuff for someone and then sharing it with everyone. It's up to you what you'd like to do, but I think more would benefit if you share freely for everyone. Check the bolded lines in the "how to do" questions above for more info. As a post-maker you can always edit your post to include both your own gifts (pictures are very welcome) as well as the gifts you received :)

Q: Can I start my own contest/challenge?
A: Sure, but make sure to talk with me about it first as I'd like to know that it gets correctly administrated and all the details have been looked over before it gets public :)

Q: Can I share stuff here without doing a trade-off? Like, downloads that I want the members to have?
A: Yeah, why not :B

Q: If I've done anything wrong with my post, are you going to edit it?
A: No, sadly neither me nor Voleste can edit anything beyond tags and screening or deleting comments. We will, however, inform you if you've made any errors in your post. So no magic fairy-dust, but (hopefully) helpful advice will be offered.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. If you start/participate in a trade-off make sure you're in it to actually make one or more gifts for someone. I'd hate to see one party get something and then the other one just dropping off the surface of the earth. Please, be serious about this. If you feel that two weeks are too little, edit your post and say you might need another week to finish. It's better if the trade-off is completed late than never.
2. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. No one likes a meanie.
3. Don't forget to tag your posts. If you make a trade-off-post, tag it "!trade-off", "!open", and "your username". If you don't have a tag for your username yet, we will add one for you.

If anything's unclear or there's something you feel that I've forgotten to mention don't hesitate to comment here :)

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Joined! Looking forward to it :D

Cool, what a great idea! I have to get working to learn how to create more stuff. :)

This is a very cool idea. And I love that it's on LJ, as it's pretty much the only community I hang around in.

Me thinks it's time to install MilkShape again...

This is a great idea! :)

Awesome. Just awesome. :D

What a lovely idea! Thanks for making this. :)

What a terrific idea - I'm definitely in! :D

I can't join in just yet, as I have a load of stuff I must finish off first, but very soon I hope!

ooh this is interesting. I wish my confidence in creating and sharing would come back. This looks fun. What a nice idea Trapping :)

This is really really neat, Trapping! :B

Yes, the edits are understandable. It'll be more structured this way.

Maybe the 'not-trade-off' posts can be tagged as 'gift' or something? To keep it consitent with the idea of trading (as an opposite of trade).

Also, I hope people will browse thrhough open posts first instead of just start one of their own. That would make things messy. (I like neatness, can you tell? :P

Anyway, great community!

May I add a suggestion? Being a lurker downloading all the lovely gifts, I feel weird not being able to thank the people, since the comments are only for those trading each other. I don't know if there's an option of this on LJ, but something like a thank you button or something so we aren't entirely quiet (assuming we don't PM the creators directly).

I'm not sure if that'd be possible to do, I'm afraid. You are however allowed to post thank you's below someone's upload. The comment will get screened after a while, but I'll talk to Kayleigh and see if we can't make up some kind of rule like "thank you-comments stay up for a week before they get screened" or something :)
Or the appreciation can be shown by the amount of downloads the upload gets ;)

Since there is no easier way, then I think it is fine as is. Adding more comments will make things more confusing, to keep track of whats done or if new stuff is added or not, right? I guess the chance to thank can be if the creators updates or mentions their trade goodies on their own LJ :)

Hi!! i've loved this idea. I'd like to make my spanish version in a forum
Can I take the idea?

Thanks in advance for your reply =)

Thank you :)
Sure, why not ^_^

... dunno n.n... I don't like to "steal" ideas without permission, ahahah =)
Thank you Lina you're very nice n_n

Me thinks it's time to install MilkShape again...

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