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Trade-off - YanderePlum - Closed
yandereplum wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: Bodyshop Recolors, Hair Retexture/Recolor, Clown's Make-up, Sims, Shoe Swap, Lots, Defaults, Object Recolours, Walls and Floors.
My General Style: Maxis Match
Amount of Participants I Want: (2/2)
What I'd Like to Receive: Object recolours, Simlish Posters in Eaxis Meshes, Walls or floors -especially with Shasta's moulding, Supernaturals related Stuff, Defaults, Clothing for any age, Lilith'd hairs... i'm open to suggestions! : ) 

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Ahhh how amazingly cute! They are perfect, thank you <3 <3

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