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Trade-off - YanderePlum - Closed
yandereplum wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: Bodyshop Recolors, Hair Retexture/Recolor, Clown's Make-up, Sims, Shoe Swap, Lots, Defaults, Object Recolours, Walls and Floors.
My General Style: Maxis Match
Amount of Participants I Want: (2/2)
What I'd Like to Receive: Object recolours, Simlish Posters in Eaxis Meshes, Walls or floors -especially with Shasta's moulding, Supernaturals related Stuff, Defaults, Clothing for any age, Lilith'd hairs... i'm open to suggestions! : ) 

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Hello there! I'd love to make you something.

And I can always use more stuff for my Old Timey hood, particularly simpler Day and Summer Dresses:

and undergarments/sleepwear:

I'll love to try my hands in those summer dresses!! Also, the Undergarments and Sleepwear sound like a challenge, i like it!! <3 <3

as for what i would like to get... can i ask for some repository age conversions?

Sure thing! Did you have anything specific in mind?

Tech cardigans for the whole family: CU, TF, TM, AF, AM, EF, & EM All necessary morphs included with the Repository Project fixings (pinning, multiple categories, townifying) Freetime is definitely required!


I had to modify Aikea and Trapping's meshes to to account for repositorying the tiny triangle of shirt sticking out where the sweater is unbuttoned. Sorry to say that little triangle may now be messed up on any recolors you have of the original meshes, but I couldn't find any to check.

- AM: original by Aikea Guinea, remapped undershirt, bulked up the TM proportions to match the AM bodyshape, added morphs
- AF: original by Aikea Guinea, remapped undershirt, modified proportions, added morphs
- CU: original by Trapping, remapped undershirt, changed some bonejoints on the collar of the sweater
- TM: new mesh, keeps the proportions of the original tmbodytech outfit
- TF: new mesh, instead of mapping the shirt, I just chopped that bit out so they will show a little midriff with low-riding pants.
- EF: new mesh
- EM: new mesh

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


[this is GodLimpingBy] If you don't mind another clothing creator, I'd like to trade. .///. I can do shoeswaps, age-conversions, or Frankenstein various outfits together for something new. If there's anything you have in mind let me know and I can give it a shot.

As for me, I'd love toddler clothes, in a plain/rustic/old-fashioned style (Like these, maybe? with cool gray colors. If that sounds like something you'd like to do. ^^

Of course sweetie!! Clothing is always needed! and those outfits for toddlers are so cute! i'll see what i can come out with ^^

I don't have anything specific in mind right now, but either Cozy Clothing for elders or for teens would be fantastic!!

Edited at 2015-05-08 07:20 pm (UTC)

I've been into adding jackets to things lately. Hope you find these cozy enough! :3

Gingerbread is FlowerMisty's ironic dress with the DMC boots Capitalsims+Amaryll converted. I also put a Maxis jacket on it for a little twist. It's for TF and has a fat morph. Outerwear and Everyday. Swatch is inside.

Firefly is a mashup of Maxis clothes for a nice little jacket/sweater combo for your teen males. Everyday, Outerwear, and Formal. I used Yuxi textures on the coat so credit to her. Swatch included.
I really hope you like these, let me know if anything needs to be changed. ^^


Thank you for the outfits! they look really good. Sorry for not answering before, wanted to wait until finish my trade to do so, but RL and computer problems got me a bit late.


The First is a Simple dress for todlers, tried to recreate the one in the pictures you linked. The under dress comes in 6 CuriousB colours, all with the black dress over it.

And The second is a set of shirt and pants with suspenders for your boys. All come with Black pants, and the chemise comes in white, cream light grey and dark grey.

Hope you like them <3



Meshes used: Fakepeeps7, Skellington7 and Eaxis
Textures: Eaxis
Colours: CuriousB

Edited at 2015-05-14 10:18 pm (UTC)

Ahhh how amazingly cute! They are perfect, thank you <3 <3

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