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Trade-off - FlowerMisty - Open
flowermisty wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: Accessory Meshing, Clothing Meshing, Bodyshape Meshing, Game Conversions (Outfits& Accessories), Object Retextures, Hair Retextures (Especially Kinky, Kurly, or Koily hair textures). I prefer bodyshop work but I'm not very good with clothing textures.
My General Style: Stylized. Themes: Tropical, Exotic, Gothic, Whimsical, Magical, Antique, Quirky, Luxury, Fantasy, & Spooky.
Amount of Participants I Want: 3 1 Spot Left!
What I'd Like to Receive:
1x1 (residential or apartmentbase) Brownstones Build Mode CC only.
3x3 and Smaller Row Lots (apartments or community) in Victorian Stick Style, Italianate, or Streamline Moderne. Build Mode CC only.
Pose box for Temple/Hand Maidens
Frankenstein Stitches in an overlay Box.
NPC Defaults with AfbodySwim & AMbodySwim - BV Bellhop, BV Maid, BV Tour Gudie, & BG Driver. (Any one is fine)
Fly Pig from OFB defaulted with the Vampire Bat (in a Flying Pose) from NL.
Assassin Creed Hood Defaulted for "amhatbeanie" (and a F2M version default for "afBeanie")
3t2 Object Conversion of Roaring Heights Rabbit Holes.
3t2 Hair Conversion of Nouveau Clown Hat (Alpha out the hat please) in Pooklet's Colors
3t2 Hair Conversion of Diva Plava Hairstyle in Pooklet's Colors
3t2 Hair Conversion of Sweet Treats Girl Scout Pigtails in Alfredaskew's The View
3t2 Hair Conversion of Midcentury Modern Beehive Ponytail in Alfredaskew's The View
Recolors of Moune's Amali Plants to match Yuxi's plants and Lalabus plants.
Realistic retexture of AL's Socialite Mirror similar to Yuxi's Galeria Occitana.
Metallic Gold, Copper & Bronze recolors of Maxis Lafenetre window, AL Socialite Door, or Adele Liam Build.

From Starr sim

For Starr sim
~Part I~

~Part II~

From Veetie

For Veetie
~Coming Soon~
~Part I~

~Part II~

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Hi Veetie, I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but I do have part of your trade too!

 photo preview-Veetiegift1.jpg

These are the Fur Outfits we talked about. They are for TU-EU and have the appropriate morphs for each age. They come in four colors each (black not pictured) and are texture referenced to the adult versions for male and female respectably. The credits for the outfits are included in the archive. Download

I have your togas all modeled out and fitted to the TS2 shapes ready for animation testing. It WILL be up this week. ^_^

Thanks Flowermisty, these are definitely worth the wait and I look forward to seeing the togas. :)

Are the togas giving you trouble, flowermisty? Take all the time you need, I'm not going anywhere. :)

You are saint to have this patience to be honest. I try to minimize any animation anomalies as much as possible which has me hopping across Milkshape and the game all day testing things. So I really appreciate your patience, but suffice to say I am done. ^_^

 photo wheel69.jpg

Your pretty togas are for teens, adults, & elders for both males and females. They are texture referenced to the adults (male and female respectively), have ten earth tone(with a white for ceremonies!) colors and only fat morphs. The preg morph with the belt really didn't look great at all. I tried to move the belt up so that it looked like it rested on top of the belly but no avail It look more like they had pillows were stuffed up there. There's also a small pinch in the arms of the females where the cloth drapes over the arm. I really tried to get rid of it but I can't because of how the bones work so I just made it look a little better. :( Other than that your outfits are ready for your game. ^_^ I put Sentate's Gladiator shoes since I couldn't find another I liked that didn't have sexy feet. But enough talk here's your gift. Download Enjoy Veetie!

I will enjoy these! Thanks so much Flowermisty!

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