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Trade-off - Hermit Fox - Open
hermit_fox wrote in thebigtradeoff
Figured that I might as well give this a go~

What I Can Make: Mostly bodyshop content, hair retextures(I use pooklet's textures myself but give me link to whichever texture/color actions you'd prefer to and I'll make it happen), makeup, skin blends, eyes, very simple clothing (texture) edits but I can also convert hair between genders and I... let's say "know how to convert hairs from Sims 3 too but outcomes may vary" I've had better luck with Custom Sims 3 hairs than EA ones sums it up pretty well but I'm always up for trying. I can also default/geneticize eyes and skins. Oh and bit of an oddity but I can also make poseboxes. (does anybody but me even use those anymore? ^^U) For better idea of my skills refer to my tumblr, it contains almost two years worth of stuff I've done after all. :D

My General Style: Semi-realistic. As in I mostly use maxis-matchy clothes and furniture but then skins by Ephemera (and blends of those) and hair textures by Pooklet (and occasionally Remi's lovely curly blend, whichever happens to suit the hair best) and eyes on the realistic side though not necessarily photoskinned. For build/buy stuff I try to stay on the maxisy side but if I like something enough it can stay in my game even if it for example has English words written on it.

Amount of Participants I Want: Let's say 3 for now but I probably wouldn't turn down few more if there is interest. I can be very efficient if needed to. ;) 3/3 spots taken :)

What I'd Like to Receive:
- All kinds of clothes for males and teens both gender (be it converted from Sims 3, edited from existing outfits, recolored, converted from the opposite gender or other age group...) style-wise mostly casual things though, I have more than enough smart-casual clothes but almost nothing that's good for just hanging out with your friends (if that makes any sense ^^U)
- hair conversions (yes I know I said I can do those myself but it doesn't mean they aren't pain in the butt anyway XD)
- makeup (mostly natural stuff but I won't whine about bit of colors either), I could always use for example freckles and some subtle eyeliners but why not eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes etc. too.
- skin blends with details (I prefer them to have all fitness states and proper elder female state (you know boobs part since I haven't replaced their bodies with adult meshes and using adult texture on elders looks pretty bad) but I can always add those myself afterwards, oh also nipples are fine but painted on genitalia is... a bit too much realism for me I guess.)
- I love foxes, take that in anyway you wish to :3
- otaku stuff would be awesome (you know for example those giant pillows with anime character prints on them, random anime themed clutter, mangas... ask me more and I'll list you thousand series I like XD)
- I love Ikea furniture and overall furniture with simple and clean shapes.
- generally though pretty much everything goes, surprise me! :D

I'm currently up for doing anything as long as its within my skills but be warned that in case of hair conversions and poseboxes I'm bit slower since they require so much more testing and twiddling than any kind of texture edits do. ^__^

(and meep, let me know if I did something wrong this is my first time setting up a trade)

From Trapping

Download and info here~

For Trapping

Download and more info here


From Zora

For Zora

Download and more info here


From Skellington7d

Download and more info here

For Skellington7d

Download and more info here

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Phew I'm finally done, so sorry for the extra wait. One of the poses gave me bit problems because for some reason it kept doing weird stuff in game but when I redid it over for the fifth time I finally got it working :3

Excuse the big picture, the actual download includes also separate images of the poses with their names so you'll know what to look for. I took bit of artistic license with some parts of the poses (namely the parts that weren't visible in the preference pictures) hopefully that's fine with you.

And then the wizard hat, I ended up making it available for both genders, toddler - elder and it comes in the same three colors as in game. I made it pretty damn big and it should now work with most hairs (not with up-dos obviously though) "Evil" one pictured here:

Download both

Credits & Other info:
- Wizard hat and its textures by Maxis (though I edited the black one bit since it was pretty blocky)
- Picture on the posebox is your (skellington7d) avatar, it seemed fitting so I borrowed it. :3 And the box shows up under Misc. > Misc.
- Pose pictures by my darling personal preview angel Royalblues :3
- The dance poses are bit finicky and you'll have to decide which part is the most important to get matched with other since while they were lined perfectly in milkshape in game the hands don't seem to match as good. I'm not sure if that is issue with the clothing meshes or what but no amount of twiddling fixed that. I'm sorry about that. :(

Hope you'll like them either way though! :)

I love it all so much! The poses are lovely and that hat is gonna be so cute for my witchy sims. :D Thank you!

I'm glad you like 'em :D

Download Link off :'(

I have all TBTO files reuploaded in this folder: http://simfileshare.net/folders/edit/8501/ :)

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