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The Big Trading-Challenge of Summer 2013

Hi everyone! I hope you've all been having a lovely summer so far (regardless if you might be working, is in school, have your summer break or perhaps live in a place where it's currently winter). As some of you might know there was a challenge thrown last year around this time and I hope you've all got your Bodyshop's, HomeCrafter's, SimPE's and/or games working because now it's time for another one. This time we're heavily drawing inspiration from challenges thrown at sites such as Pixel Trade and GoS, but also the main idea of this community: we're having a trading challenge!
To put it short: If you'd like to participate you simply write a comment containing the information required (a list can be found below) and you'll be creating for the person who signed up in the comment before yours. Simple and straight forward. BUT! You wont be able to see the comment above yours until after the deadline (info can be found below) since all comments will be screened until then. In other words you're going to sign up to create for a mysterious anonymous. The only exception to the rule is for the one who signs up first and therefore has no one directly above them - this person will have me as a subject and I myself will make something for the person who signs up last. But you wont know who signs up first or last until the list of participants is revealed~ :D

Deadline for signing up: June 27th
Deadline for creating: July 18th (giving you three weeks to create) July 20th (giving you two extra days)
Update 29/12-2013: All gifts have been delivered.

If you're not planning on fulfilling your part of the deal (making a gift for the person above you) please don't sign up. If something arises after you've signed up and means you wont be able to finish, let me (or Voleste) know (prefeably before the signing up-deadline) and you'll simply be removed from the challenge. If you'll need more than three weeks to create, let me (or alternatively Voleste) know and it'll be fixed. If you sign up, but haven't delievered a gift to the person you were paired with after three weeks and you havn't contacted us telling us you need more time or have to drop out you might face a temorary ban.
For this challenge to run smoothly there has to be atleast five participants. If less than that has signed up after the 27th of June the challenge will not take place. I'll update this post regularly with the number of people who are participating so you know what's going on.

Participants: 24

1. Only members are allowed to sign up (if you aren't one already you can easily sign up by clicking the button that says "join this community".
2. You can only sign up once.
3. Please use the form provided when you sign up.
4. Follow the deadlines and if something comes up and makes it impossible for you to do so please contact us.
5. When your gift is done (which can be at any time between the 28th of June and 18th of July) please post it as a reply to the person above you's comment using the form provided.

If there are any questions please post them in a comment and that comment till be un-screened and have the question answered ^_^

Participation form:

My General Style: [Ex. modern, maxis-match, semi-realistic, steampunk, Victorian]
What's On My Wishlist: [Meaning what type of content you'd like to recieve from the person signing up below you. The longer this list is the better as not everyone can create everything. A comment like "anything goes" is perfectly fine or something in the lines of "clothes for kids" or "I could use a house for my legacy". Anything you'd like to recieve for your game is fine.]

Delivering gift-form:

Provide atleast two pictures of the content.
Information about the download: [If this information can be found in a Read Me inside the download please state so. Also notify the downloader if there are any files that are required for your files to work in this area.]
Download-link: [~Download link~]
Anything else: [If you have something else you'd like to add, like why you made what you made, that goes here.]

This challenge is meant to be fun and perhaps challenging (but in a good way). Looking forward to seeing how this turns out :D

The Big List of Awesomeness:

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