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Trade Off- Maron- CLOSED/ FINISHED
maarons wrote in thebigtradeoff

Haven't done this thing in a while...

What I Can Make: I'm most comfortable with creating makeup and converting stuff from TS3, but I can also make object recolours
and simple retextures, as well as make walls&floors and the basic stuff aka. sims and houses. Be aware though I can convert
only simple objects- eg. no TVs except if you want them to be decorative. I make most of my stuff decorative, so you better be not
much of an actual player! Check out my downloads to get the point


My General Style: Realistic/semirialistic. Observe. I like orient and fancy as well as modern an minimalistic- I mix those two together, it's my style actually!

Amount of Participants I Want: 3

What I'd Like to Receive: I looove conversions from other games! <3 But that's a bit tricky to do so here's a list of things I approve of:
  -objects retextures
  -hair retextures
  -floors(stone, tiles, parquet)
  -walls(tiles, carved stuff, wooden planks)
  -new meshes in regular(objects, clothing, hair)
  -thick eyebrows

My favourite colours are: white, beige tones, grey tones, black, teal, turquoise, olive green, dark wood

My favourite objects are: mirrors, plants, vases, lamps, sofas, endtables, drawers, curtains(SHEER)

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Here's the rest of the stuff.

 photo ELITEpreview_zps0476c268.png

The painting had originally the Red Queen on it, from Tim Burton's AIW, but I figured that you won't
be using it much so I replaced it with our favourite granpa and made several recolours too.

Chair is functional.

 photo thebluetreepreview_zpscfb46d97.png

This tree is pretty only when used in background and gaussian-blurred twice in photoshop afterwards,
because the texture is quite ugly tbh.

Found in deco>plants, srry.

 photo cappucinopreview_zps64f51fab.png

You know what these are, hope you haven't converted them yet yourself.

Found in deco>misc 5S

Download https://app.box.com/s/20plosjx6yyu00dtp2ws
All credits to the original creators.


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