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Trade-off - Legislacerator - Open
nihilistnailz wrote in thebigtradeoff
I really enjoyed my last trade-off and since I have a little free time and not too many projects I'd like to start another one. :)

What I Can Make: Hair retextures and recolors, clothing recolors and texture remixes, object recolors/retextures, new deco objects from preexisting meshes (like Oblivion conversions), sims, tiny lots (please be aware I have all EPs and M&G and cannot use AGS), shoe swaps…a little bit of everything, I sort of exemplify 'jack of all trades and master of none'.

My General Style: My style has changed a bit since my last trade - I now play a themed hood. Time period is roughly early-Victorian as far as nobility is concerned but there are a LOT of medieval, modern, and fantasy influences. A huge amount of Elder Scrolls influence as well, and a lot of pirates. As always, this is what my game looks like.

Amount of Participants I Want: Just two this time.

What I'd Like to Receive: First thing, The Wishlist. And The Wishlist 2.0 (needs PBK account to see thread). To get more general - if it could even remotely fit in my theme, I want it. I would love more clothing for some of the bodyshapes I use (listed at the first link). More male clothing and hair would be welcomed. Game conversions (Skyrim maybe?) would be loved, or recolors/addons to Adele or Buggybooz sets. I love wood flooring, and I can always use basic walls for exteriors or interiors. Anything purple or with seahorses on is an insta-win as well. I can make room for some modern content when it comes to Bodyshop things, but in terms of Buy Mode definitely nothing that would be found in the 20th century or require electricity...gas lights only here! Anything nautical or pirate themed is also much wanted.
I really don't need any female hairs, lips, or eyebrows - way too many already. Also note that while I welcome skins I don't use normal "human" tones anymore - fantasy colors on a spectrum are the only ones I use now.

From blackie_never:

AND MOAR, Download here!

For blackie_never:

Download here!

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I come bearing gifts! For you!!

There would have been more if everything hadn't kept blowing up on me. As it stands now, there's a male hair retexture (hopefully along the lines of what you'd use!) plus an outfit for AM and a skirt for AF which both have absurd boots. Full/uncropped pics and credits included in the download.


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