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Trade-Off - ZeroDark - Closed
Lola Rennt
zerographic wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: Sims, object recolors, paintings, special effect make-ups, hair retextures (MM, Pooklet, or Twists), some clothing recolors, houses
My General Style: All of the 1900's, weakness for Art Nouveau, but i like having an eclectic mix of time periods
Amount of Participants I Want: Three - I'm breaking out of this funk I'm in but I don't want to over-extend!
What I'd Like to Receive:
* Conversions of any kind
* Make-up - simple but dramatic (e.g. Nabila's eyeliners)
* Clothes - AF any style, non-cutesy kids stuff, stuff for teens
* I love plants - both in pots and garden stuff
* Windows and Doors! - I need more build stuff in my life!!!
* Anything really... I'm looking to have fun creating again...

Please no:
- Walls/Floors
- Lots

ZeroDark to Voleste

From stalking your journal I saw that you like Maxis Match but you're also open to pattern! I suddenly thought of this set by Ja which I personally think is one of the truly great sets available. Every piece is based on the Sims in Paris Living 7 cabinet. There are a ton of meshes made from this one piece and all slaved. Here's Ja's original pic of all the available meshes. I used MaxisMatch woods from Amythestfenix and HugeLunatic; I also used Ikea Malm PS actions from Hafiseazale.

Also available is the PSD that can be used to create other recolors. Getting the shading right and consistent is really what took so long on this gift.
To downloaders that like realism I also included a Wood layer with textures by Goat.

I really hope you like this gift! It was a fun challenge to do some Maxis Match!

DOWNLOAD PSD - SiP Living 7 Cabinet

Voleste to ZeroDark

I've done 3-5 recolours of six flower sets of Macarossi @ MTS. The Freesia's (in the left top corner) are found here, the other five can be found here. The meshes are included and since Macarossi put their recolours inside the mesh, their recolours are included also.

ZeroDark to Aweeshie

I think this divider is really elegant and interesting. It would make a really neat headboard! I've done most of the work for you on the PSD should you care to do your own recolors.
Here's a swatch!

I wanted to recolor this dress for you but I didn't think sweatshirt and Aweeshie went together. So they became oversized sweaters. Pictured are the only two with a pattern. I also included a couple solid colors like green and pink. Once again, the PSD is available for you.

DOWNLOAD   /   DOWNLOAD (mirror)
DOWNLOAD PSD - Yolartut Divider
DOWNLOAD PSD - Sentate Catherine Jumper

Credits: Goat, ColourLovers

Aweeshie to ZeroDark

DOWNLOAD - mirror available below

DOWNLOAD - mirror and PSDs available below

ZeroDark to Nymphy

This has become one of my favorite meshes as I carefully chose some pics for you. It's extremely easy to recolor (PSD below of course) and I love when they're matted.
Here's a swatch!

This is Trapping's 3to2 Cherry Top recolored with some solid colors and a couple Nymphy-ish patterns. The dark brown one in the foreground only has the skull on the back 'cause I thought that looked cool. But in Body Shop it will fool you because it will only preview the front of course. I'm warning you because I freaked out that I had somehow lost the file. :P

And lastly, three pieces of smudgey make-up. I tried to make it look like they had stuck their fingers in a pot of make-up and smeared it on themselves. As such, there are smudges and smears and a couple spots where the make-up got flicked around a bit. Not pictured is the third make-up which is what's on the S1 girl but covering both eyes. It kind of looks like a punk rock superhero but I liked it. ^_^

I think these would look cool in some colors, but it's a bit outside my aesthetic and I wasn't sure about any of the colors I chose. :(  So ya got black! :P

DOWNLOAD PSD - Gorey Awesims Danish Painting
DOWNLOAD PSD - Trapping Cherry Top

Credits: Trapping, Bunhead, Goat, ColourLovers

Nymphy to ZeroDark

DOWNLOAD - mirror available in comments

DOWNLOAD- mirror available in comments

DOWNLOAD - mirror available in comments

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I'm sorry this has taken me so long! I was not happy with the preview pictures I had so ended up taking a bunch more :3 I hope these were what you had in mind and suit your tastes:

Firstly I have an add-on set for my Art Nouveau window contributions you said you were fond of. I have put all the stained glass textures from my Liam set onto the OFB bay window. I quite like this mesh as it has an interesting shape and adds some extra dimensions to houses.

I hope you like windows because I have more! For both Adele's Liam Windows and the OFB Looky Nook bay window, I have made stained glass art by Loius Comfort Tiffany. I think a few of them are reinventions/inspirations of his work, but they all have the same style. There are 13 of these. In addition, there are also 4 retextures of the bay window frame using Goat's textures (because I know you like those) and roof textures by LocoPlus. Looking at it now, I realise I should have retextured the Liam frames so they were wooden too, ugh! :(
Download at Dropbox

You asked for plants and I have been wanting to retexture Ohbehave's contribution to last month's GoS theme, so I combined that, and ta da! 3 retextures of the daisy bush, lily and orchid.

Oh, Nymphy! This is so complete;y amazing! I have an obsession with bay windows and you are giving me such a fix right now! Thank you, I love absolutely everything!!!

I was wondering where I could get the mesh for the Adele-Liam window. Thanks for any help!

You can find all of Adele's creation at the below mirror site run by a kind volunteer (since Adele is gone).

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