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Trade-Off - delonariel -Closed
en rose
delonariel wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: Mostly just convert objects from TS3, TSM or extract stuff from TS2 games. I can do some object editing, recolouring, add/edit slots, create neighbourhood decorations and default replacement accessories (tools, utensils, etc.) My journal is a pretty good indicator of what I'm confident creating. If you're unsure about anything, just ask. I'm pretty good at following tutorials and I like to learn new things :)
My General Style: maxis-match. I like fantasy, gothic, victorian, indian, egyptian, middle-eastern, and art deco/hollywood regency styles.
Amount of Participants I Want: Since this is my first time I'd like to start out with 3 or so. I might be open to more later. Closed
What I'd Like to Receive: I'd love walls or recolours for victorian building items like the storybook or second empire sets. I'm hopeless with CAS, so I could use some maxis-match clothing for Elder males or maybe some pastels for toddler and child boys (I love the textures for female children that came with FT.) I'm also a big fan of accessories and hats. Other than that my neighbourhood is a BACC so hobby or career-themed clothing would be great (fire fighters, scouts, science, law enforcement, etc.) Those are just the first things that come to mind, I'd be happy with anything that goes with the styles mentioned above.

From skellington7d


For skellington7d:


From celebkiriedhel:


For celebkiriedhel

(alternate box.com link)

From untidyfan


For untidyfan


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Okay, sorry for the wait, here's your gift!

 photo ScreenShot904_zpsdc01e4cf.png
 photo ScreenShot903_zpsf3702e99.png
 photo ScreenShot895_zpsfd063716.png
trade-off for Celeb.rar

The small pillar thing is a floor lamp and the big one is a column. I also added the psychic shop sign and the store awning from the drifter set since I ran across them making a gift for Veetie and they seemed to fit in so well. And I chopped off the bottom of the hot tub and made a stage awning for preforming sims. I hope you like it!

I'm having so much fun building with the new stuff. You can probably check my journal within a few days and I'll have some pictures up!

Edited at 2013-02-21 07:54 am (UTC)

Oh my sweet Will Wright!! It's gorgeous absolutely, breath-takingly beautiful and just what I wanted! :D

Glad you're having fun with the new stuff - Can't wait to see the pictures. :D

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