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Trade-off - Nymphy - Closed
nymphynymms wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: I mostly create Bodyshop content but I can do Simpe and Homecrafter too. I can recolour/alpha edit/retexture hairs, (tattooed) skins, (hand paint) makeup, accessories, clothes and sims. I am most confident with hair edits and creating makeup. I can create object recolours/retextures and defaults with SimPe. I can do basic object meshing (eg, creating a mesh from an existing mesh) and can do slaving. I can do walls and floors in Homecrafter.

My General Style: I like Gothic content with a bit of Steampunk, Art Nouveau and Neon dashed in. Semi realistic. I prefer a worn, antique look over grunge. People with a similar style to me are ZeroDark, Lilith and Jessy. You can see my creations here and my sims here. I don't mind trying to create in different styles by the way. I did some MM hairs for a GoS theme before and enjoyed the challenge.

Amount of Participants I Want: I'm going to go with 4, but if more people reply then I'll probably accept those too :3  Closed now

What I'd Like to Receive: I will say now this may end up being a long list and I apologise if this makes me look greedy, but it is basically because I'm nervous so I'm going to give loads of ideas :3 I'm rubbish at eyes so can't do this myself - I would really love recolours of Mouseyblue eyes, particularly 8, 11, 33, 39 and 42 from her Lucky Mix . If it helps, I'm a sucker for these colours and I always need dark brown eyes. I like hair which uses my curly textures and has a few natural colours and a few dip dyed colours, particularly for men. I would like this hair converted to TS2. I'm not into big sets of colour actions, but I do really like Eduie's gradient retextures and resource. I like content for S3-S4 sims, and freckles/lips/makeup which suits all skins. Clothes with boots, especially stompy. Separates are always good and I prefer clothes sets which have different textures, rather than a million colours. I like skulls, plants, little statues and witchy objects. I'm fond of Adele's textures and these on other meshes would be cool - defaults for Maxis objects using her textures would be amazing. Adele's poppies are very overused in my game and more colour options (or different contains.. or as an outside plant) will make me very happy. Wooden floors and antique/gothy/patterned wallpapers are always welcome. This probably sounds strange, but eh I like doors. I like content in a dark palette, with a few bright reds, turquoises and rich purples. You can see an even longer list of things I like here.
From Eva:



For Eva:


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For Maarons:


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I'd like to trade with you. I'm most fond of clothes meshing now. Is there anything specific you'd like shoeswapped, age/gender converted, or frankensteined? (a certain top with a certain bottom or something?) Or I could surprise you.

I can never have enough natural lip textures, particularly stuff that works well for men and children. I also love love love your skeletal themed content, so some other ideas would be unisex skeletal/Grim Reaper themed clothing for toddlers, or costume makeup that subtly evokes a skull? (especially if it could look good on both S1 and S4)

Oh wow hi Skellington :) I'd like to trade with you. Hmm, I like these AL booties, Io's Jersey dress and the boots with it, these boots by Io, these boots by Yuxi, Yuxi's patterned Docs, and I generally like meshes by the creators at UnderYourSkin and ClubCrimsyn. Surprise me :P

Hrm I can do some natural lips. Is there any particular alphas or textures you are fond off? I can attempt some skeletal clothes or makeup, but I'm not sure how to make it suitable for you MM game. In case I fail on that, is there anything else you would be interested in?

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What I Can Make: Almost anything in BodyShop and HomeCrafter, as well as some basic objects. I like a lot of the things that was on your "what I'd like to recieve"-list and particularly the 3t2 hair-conversion (I've been thinking of doing it myself several times but not taken the time to) and the eye-recolors (also something I've been thinking of doing) caught my attention so those are something I'd probably like to work on :3
My General Style: Semi realistic and rather modern.
What I'd Like to Receive: Absolutely anything. I especially adore your makeup and hair-edits, but whatever you'd feel like doing would be good with me ^_^

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:D I'd love to trade with you. I hope converting the hair is ok - their policy seems strict so I contacted them many weeks ago asking for permission (because I wanted to request it at GoS) but they never replied.

What kind of makeup would you like? And any particular meshes, style or gender for the hairs? :)

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I would love to trade with you, if you like.

I would make you objects, obviously, since I suck at anything bodyshop related. I was thinking maybe some Skyrim plant conversions, maybe a skull object too? I could do something with those poppies by Adele too if you like. Outdoor poppies in a few different combinations and shapes so you can cluster them together without it looking too artificial? Dunno, just thinking out loud. Or in writing, rather.

What I would like most is hair with your curly textures/alpha. Only problem is that I'm currently living away from home (and my simming computer) during the week, so it might take me until the weekend to give you some suggestions of meshes I would like to see retextured.

The same problem will also make it harder to finish a trade within two weeks, so it would probably take longer. So feel free to say no if that bothers you!

It doesn't bother me at all! :) I would like to trade with you.

Everything you named would be wonderful! Making the poppies into outdoor versions for meadows is exactly what I hoped for, and well I love the Skyrim objects.

I can definitely do you some curly hairs. Any preference towards gender, meshes or hair styles?

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Hey Nymphy!
I have a secret thing about making Adele-matching retextures for object. I can help you out there. And/or I could definitely recolor those eyes. Those eye-colors do look like fun. Do you have a sclera that you want changed out?

My General Style: Post Apoc/Medieval.
What I'd like to receive: I've always loved your semi-gothic clothing recolors. If you would try goth-ing up/grunge-ifying/slightly modernizing (?) some medieval clothing, I'd be super excited to see what you would come up with. And like Skell, I also really like your tendency to use the skeleton motif.
If that doesn't inspire you, I adore your crazy dyed hair recolors. I'd be amazing to have them on some newer meshes that remind one of medieval styles (since this is really fantasy, I'm not nearly the stickler that Hat is ;) ).

Edited at 2013-01-08 09:53 pm (UTC)

Hey Alfi :D This is unexpected! I don't think I've seen you post here before. Anything with Adele textures on is brilliant. Her textures are just so pretty. I was on a mission to make texture defaults for objects but ran out of steam with it. I know Trapping said she was going to recolour the eyes too, but I imagine you would make different colours so I'm definitely interested in that :) I don't have any preference to scleras, so whatever you think would be best will be fine I'm sure. I trust your judgement!

I always welcome the excuse to goth stuff up! Could you drop some links to some particular medieval clothing, or name your favourite medieval creators? I wouldn't know where exactly to look for those.

I wonder if you would be interested in some skull detailing retextures of VampireKisses' Medieval Plague Doctor masks? I've not checked the mesh to see what I can do with the mapping, but something like a bone texture with cracked lines and darkened features could be possible. I might be able to engrave the bone with lettering or add some metallic pieces. Hardly Medieval, really, but maybe you will be interested as you play a more fantasy than historically accurate game...

Also, if you could name some of the hair meshes you had in mind that would be great :) Just to have more options!


The eyes have a modified Mouseyblue sclera, I made it more animation friendly. Not every eye set has all the colors. I started with Marylin, mostly as a test for the colors, and added in colors, improving my PSD as I went. I uploaded the PSD in case you want to do the rest of Mouseyblue's eyes yourself (or any other set in these colors). The color changes are folder-layers with masks (to keep the shine white and the pupil black), and the rest of the lucky mix textures are lined up and ready to be recolored, with the sclera changed layered on top.


With thanks to Ritaxis for geneticizing and townifying for me. :)


*lurks in*

may I join the party? : >

What I can make: oh I can make lots of different things, from makeup to ts3>ts2 conversions(those are actually pretty much the only things I'm somewhat good at :B)! I am sure I can please you with pretty little statues or something ;3

General style: erm, you seem to follow me on tumblr, so I trust you have a rough idea. A short remind: ornate, vintage, modern etc.

What I'd like to receive: CURLY HAIRS AHOY!! Or anything you feel like making <3

*crawls back into cave*

Hello Maarons! I would like to trade with you... yes, yes please! :3 I'm aiming to make 3 different things for my trades, would you be able to give some more ideas of what you would like? I find it easier to create when I have some specific ideas :) For hair, what kind of meshes would you be interested in?

Some little statues would be lovely! I like classical figurines and idols. I really like the monk and harvest goddess statues Evan converted here to give you an example Also, I'm really fond of your makeup sets so any makeup would be lovely! I particularly like your eyeshadows and lips :3

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