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Trade-off - Legislacerator - Closed and mostly done
nihilistnailz wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: Anything I can run a color action over, I can recolor - hair, clothing, objects, etc. I've just started making deco objects, though I can't build items from scratch. I can retexture hair, and cobble together clothing textures. I can also make sims and build tiny lots. :3 I can swap shoes, but not much else in the way of body meshing. Basically, I can do a little bit of most basic things. :P

My General Style: -Mostly- realistic, and a general conglomeration of any style or look I like. Really the only things I pass on are Maxis-Match genetics and makeup. Here's what my game looks like, for a general idea.

Amount of Participants I Want: I will take one more person now, but it will have to wait until after Feb. 18. Closed now!

What I'd Like to Receive: I keep a small wishlist of things I'd like. With that out of the way - hair for guys! Clothes for guys! Anything for guys, almost. They are sorely lacking in every department in my game. I like creative unnatural hair - streaks, dip-dyes, gradients. I do like makeup and other face stuff, but please no lips or eyebrows, I have way too many already. I'd love clothes for the AM and AF Androgyny shapes, as well. Objects are also good - game conversions, recolors or add-ons to sets I already use (i.e. anything by Buggybooz or Adele) would be welcomed. Wood flooring. I love wood floors. I am also an utter sucker for anything purple or with seahorses. Or both.

From CuriousB:

Download here!

For CuriousB:

Download here!

From Flowermisty:

Download here!

Download here!

For Flowermisty:

Download here!

From dark_moon689:

Download here!

For dark_moond689:

Download here!

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Thank you for being so patient, and I'm finally done!

 photo LavelleTruffle_Preview_zps01924715.png

I converted all the bits from the Vitasims set that you listed as being most important (bed, curtains, chandelier, deco bedding and perfume bottles) plus a couple of other bits (table lamp, because I fell in love with it, and end table, because the bed looked lonely without it). I could have gone on and on, but it was taking so much time, and I thought I had already made you wait quite long enough! All the original Vitasims recolours for the objects are also included.

The bed is functional and animated, but I needed to edit the mesh a bit, so it would work properly with the Maxis bedding. I also made a couple of recolours of the Maxis bedding to go with it:

 photo LavelleTruffle_Bedding_zps76ce4451.png

I wasn't sure which EPs you have, so all the deco and lighting meshes should be base-game friendly and there is only one version of the meshes for these, but there are additional base-game meshes included for the table and bed (in case you don't have Pets, etc.).

And that's it!


It all looked to be working OK to me, but please let me know if anything is wonky!

Edited at 2013-02-09 06:49 pm (UTC)

I literally gasped aloud and I may have swooned a bit too. It looks STUNNING and as soon as I boot up my game again I will be sure to try it out and let you know how it works!! Seriously, I'm in love with this set for TS3 and I am so happy to have it for TS2 as well! Thank you so much! <333333
(and seriously, I didn't mind the wait at all - especially for such a pretty end result. and ohmigod you made it maxis-bedding compatible and base game versions too and how are you even real)

I'm so glad you like it, Lace (sorry, lame late reply, but I've only just surfaced from finishing my Blind Date gift). :D

I hope it's all working OK for you?

Actually, I noticed a couple of days ago that the gold bedding was a bit misaligned (not sure what happened there), so I've fixed it, and you can get it here: http://bit.ly/ZcDrXg

This is gorgeous! So happy I stumbled upon it today (celebrating a new video card, yay!).
Thank you!

This is stunning! Love conversions. Thank you so much :)

i almost bought the REAL bed this set is based on. I'm stunned that you converted this, amazingly stunned. Are you going to convert the living room, bathroom or the kitchen too? I would love those sets just as much as I love this one. Ths was like the best set I've ever seen on Vitasims. once again I love ya

"Lavelle Truffle" is Amazing!

Ooo! How wonderful! This set (and the other matching sets) are my top favourites from VitaSims! :D I'm so glad that you converted them! TS2 badly needs gorgeous furnishings like these. I hope there will be future conversions of its other matching sets! For now, though, this will be greatly loved by the aristocracy families in my 18th Century 'Hood. Mwaha! ;)

-- Edorenel

Re: "Lavelle Truffle" is Amazing!

Thanks, everyone! You're very kind. :)

Actually, I noticed a couple of days ago that the gold bedding was a bit misaligned (not sure what happened there), so I've fixed it, and you can get it here: http://bit.ly/ZcDrXg

(The main archive has also been updated)

There are a few more bits that I would like to convert at some point, but probably not whole sets, and I have a bunch of other stuff to finish first. ;)

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