November 2nd, 2013


The Big Conclusion - October 2013

Trade-offs with open spots:
("Last chance!" means this is the last month you can trade in these posts. Open threads with this mark will not be open when the conclusion of September comes around! "Unreplied trade!" means that there's a trade-offer that hasn't been replied to.)
Dark_moon (2 spots left - Last chance!)
ZeroDark (1 spot left!)

People who are late with trading:
(The trade-limit is two weeks, no stress, but please let your trade-buddy/buddies know when/if you will be done)
Pkheartznroses & Verocchio (I know that your wrist still hasn't healed and that you therefore are unable to finish your trades for the time being.)
Pkheartznroses (Read above!)
Nabila (*)
Greymanticore & Esperesa/Yuxi (*)
Vupii & Syl_gordon (*)
Nihilistnailz & Nymphynymms (*)
Ilex_sims & Alfredaskew (*)
Soft_princess & Trappingit (*)
Maarons & ZeroGraphic (Maaron, please let ZeroDark know if you're still working on your part of the trade.)
Astridattack & Meepshit (*)
MrOstrichbird (*)
Nyansims & Keoni_chan (Is this trade still active?)
Voleste & Eltaninz (Thank you for letting your trading-buddy know what's going on.)
Voleste & Hafiseazale (Read above.)
Clericalrodent & 15dozentimes (I saw your post about your computer and that you'll finish whenever it gets back from the repairs. Best of luck!)
HCove & Nymphy (Please let your trading-buddy know when you might be able to finish.)
HCove & Yandereplum (Read above.)

* = This symbol signifies that a temp-ban bas been assigned. It means that you can't make new trades until you've finished the one(s) you've got going. If you wish to remove the ban all you have to do is finish the trade and contact us. In case the line with this symbol contains two names, unless mentioned otherwise, the ban only refers to the first name.

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Trade-off - Trapping - Closed

What I Can Make: Pretty much anything in Bodyshop and HomeCrafter. I also know my way around how to make objects.
My General Style: Semi realistic, rather modern.
Amount of Participants I Want: 3/3 Closed.
What I'd Like to Receive: I can never have enough clothes, hairs, makeup or walls/floors, but pretty much anything would make me a very happy camper :3

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