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Trade Off - Voleste - Closed
voleste wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: Sims, lots, hair retextures, make-up, simple clothing and object recolours, paintings and posters, walls and floors, neighbourhood terrains.
My General Style: Maxis Match, or rather Maxis improved. :P I tend to mix cartoony and bright with natural and sober colours. (with sober, I mean Trappings palettes.)
Amount of Participants I Want: (5/5)  All taken!
What I'd Like to Receive: What I'd really like is makeup for darker skinned sims, some of these colours on these eyes, formal clothing for - well, pick any age except adult! - for men and/or women.

I also love posters, paintings, walls, floors, small community lots and 3t2 conversions. :)

For Keoni
Two Simgarooped hair retextures and four blushes


From Keoni
24 eye colours on Remi's edit from Leh's eyes on Anva's sclera


For Warlock Female
One Pooklet retexture and one 1920's style restaurant


From Warlock Female
Several paintings from Monet, van Gogh and Alfred Sisley, on three Maxis meshes


For Untidyfan
Two Remified hairs and a neighbourhood terrain


From Untidyfan
Three decor 3t2 conversions and three row shops


For Podchacha
A neighbourhood terrain and a CC free minilot


From Podchacha
Converted neighbourhood deco


For Lilacbloom
BaseGame tree recolours and a hair retexture for both genders


From Lilacbloom

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Stubbornness pays off, because I finished your gifts this evening! I hope you enjoy them.

First, the TS3 plant conversions:
They are all recolorable and if I remember correctly, not one has a poly count over 1,000. I haven't spotted these before in any other set.

Here are the community lots I built for you. I got excited about my first trade and wound up building a small city street instead of just a coffee shop. They're mean to go in a row, connected but individual. I hope you like them!


I've playtested copies of each lot and they work well. Two items didn't get packaged with the lots, so they are included in the folders.

Credits and notes are in the sub-folders. Download:

Eeee little row shops! That's amazing! I also love love love the conversions, the flowers in the kettle are so cute and the mushrooms look so funky. xD Thank you very much, it's lovely! <3

I'm also very glad you like your gifts. :D

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