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Trade-off - Lilith (Closed)
lilith_sims wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I can make: Sims, hair retextures, makeup recolors and blends, skin blends and recolors, simple clothing recolors (I may try putting patterns on some sweaters or dresses).

My general style: semi-realistic and semi-maxis-match when decorating sims's houses.

Amount of participants I want: 5 for now. - All spots are taken

What I'd like to receive: I prefer Bodyshop stuff. Natural and detailed lips for males and females (think Nabila and Noodlesims), lashes for guys, jesstheex blush recolors, detailed eyebrows (not too thin), if you like making hair retextures I prefer Pooklet's v2 textures, I would love a ts3 to ts2 hair conversion (for example a nice and clean male hair). I love conversions of cute accessories and accessory bangs are also really cool.I like skinblends too (and tattoos)! I like clothes with bright colors, cute patterns for both male and females. I like gradients on everything. I like cute small and medium lots with no CC, wooden floors, patterned walls, stucco walls and carpets.

Please don't hesitate to ask me more about what I'd like to receive, I'm not really that picky! :3

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Here are your gifts! I was working on more than those I listed in our conversation, just because I wanted to give you a real surprise :3 I hope you like them and they were what you wanted.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5 eyebrow sets. 4 colours plus elder. Hand drawn alphas and textures. Not binned (but if you do want them binned then please say and I will do so!). - Download the eyebrows here -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You said that you like sparrow tattoos on collarbones, and I took that idea and it spiralled out of control.. and this happened. Bird Songs is a bird themed tattoo'd version of your Peachy skin. There are swallows on the chest, a peacock sleeve on the right arm, a feather with flying birds on the left arm, a colourful sparrow on the abdomen and two sparrows on the back. I've made this for females only as you seem to play female sims more :3 The teens and elders have more age appropriate versions. - Download tattoos here - A full body picture is in the RAR.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is a blend of two Mouseyblue lips. It comes in 10 natural colours and is for teen-elder, male and female. - Download lips -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You wished for more colours, and so it was done! I've recoloured Jessi's Deserve Me blushes in all 33 of Astromeso's blush colours she used in her Nars set. These suit a variety of skin tones. I think I misnamed some of the files, sorry about that o.o  - Download blushes -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lastly, I'm also giving you Madeline, the cute sim I showed on tumblr yesterday. She comes with two pieces of unique CC - her top recolour and, yes, that hair. Meshes are all included. - Download sim -

*GASP* OH MY GOSH!! There's so many beautiful things, Nymphy!!!

I love the eyebrows they look so pretty and unique and I'll use them in sooo many sims! The tattooed skin is absoulutely stunning *o* It's my favorite tattooed skintone ever, I love the bird theme. Hoorray for natural lipblends, I can never have enough of those! Moaaaarrr colors of my favorite blush *drools* And then we have your gorgeous Madeline with that splendid hair *shiny eyes*

A million times thank you for these wonderful gifts, my dear <3
You'll have to wait a little for your gifts, I'm afraid. I'll start working on them as soon as I finish Maron's gifts :D

*blushes* :D That makes me very happy! I'm so glad you like it all <3 I just wanted to give something nice back to you. Take all the time you need making my gifts!

I now present you your gifts :D

Eyebrows swatch: http://i.imgur.com/J37ve.png

I've "converted" 4 of Ephemera's ts3 eyebrows to ts2 and they come in 6 colors (the same ones you made me for my gift and an extra dark brown) and are not binned. Elders keep their colors. I also recolored 4 of Sironasims nosemasks with Trapping's actions, there are 10 colors for each one and the swatches are inside the .rar.

Swatch: http://i.imgur.com/odAxR.png

And then there's this cute little headband originally made by Newsea and converted for ts2 by Trapping. There are 8 recolors with dark polka dots :3

DOWNLOAD YOUR GIFT: http://www.mediafire.com/?m3wgbw3osv3psf8

I hope you like it *blushes*

I love it all :3 The eyebrows were a genius idea!! The nosemasks will be so useful for my game and I'm sure I will use them constantly. As for the headbands, you made exactly what I wanted! *exactly* :D Wow! And it looks so cute with that hair too :3 Thank you so much for my gifts! I've really enjoyed trading with you :)

Yaaay! I'm really glad you liked your gifts :D I really enjoyed making gifts for you a second time and I hope more opportunities will come :3

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