skellington7d (skellington7d) wrote in thebigtradeoff,

Trade-off - Skellington7d - Closed

What I Can Make: Maxis match clothing retextures, makeup for all skintones, Maxis Match hair, object retextures, non-Face 1/Face 2 Sims, tiny lots
My General Style: Maxis Match, I love the style of these dolls.
Amount of Participants I Want: 3 All spots taken.
What I'd Like to Receive: Long formals for AF/TF, quirky or whimsical formalwear for AM, anything for witches/vampires/fairies/fairy taleish stuff (clothing, clutter, makeup, lots, what have you), anything that could be useful for storytelling, Maxis Match hair retextures... I love the Maxis universe and things that make reference to it (aspiration symbols, Llamas, Plumbobs, Bella etc), especially the Maxis Servos. ;)

For Trapping

Download here

From Trapping

Download here

For Doda

Download here

From Doda

Download here

For Warlock_Female

Download here

From Warlock_Female

Download here
Tags: !done, !trade-off, skellington7d
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