The Big Trade-Off

You know all the "comment and I make you a Sim"-posts that's been going around? The ones that in some cases evolved to including more things than Sims? Well, something that's popular and (above that) fun to do deserves to get some attention. In this case I figured a community would be a good way to go. This is The Big Trade-Off. Dedicated to requests in forms of trading items with each other. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner on creating or have done it for years - anyone is welcome to participate. How will this work then? Well, first of all you need to become a member so go do that. The goal is that there when this gets started will be at least one running post at all times where members trade items with each other (more info will be found under the cut). If this goes the way I hope there will be events, challenges and contests laying ahead ^__^

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Trade-off - SiMania Liulai - Closed

Hello friends!!! I put here, as a gift, some of my works!!!


Click on a photo to enlarge

*Download BabyStatues&Strollers

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Liulai - Moto'S Helmet / Casco
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For All Credits Open the Sims2Pack with *Clean Installer*

Lot Size: Little - Requires EP/SP: All EP & SP


The rain in the lot is a special effect! To remove it, look for a little yellow square on the sidewalk in front of the entrance door!!For the dark sky, click on the sky and select 'June', then, in the game options, select the visual field to the maximum!

(Set in Simpe, for your Sims, 'Walk through walls/objects' to avoid objects blocking the transition!!)


Lot Size: Big - Requires EP/SP: All EP & SP



Trade-off - YanderePlum - Closed

What I Can Make: Bodyshop Recolors, Hair Retexture/Recolor, Clown's Make-up, Sims, Shoe Swap, Lots, Defaults, Object Recolours, Walls and Floors.
My General Style: Maxis Match
Amount of Participants I Want: (2/2)
What I'd Like to Receive: Object recolours, Simlish Posters in Eaxis Meshes, Walls or floors -especially with Shasta's moulding, Supernaturals related Stuff, Defaults, Clothing for any age, Lilith'd hairs... i'm open to suggestions! : ) 
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The Big Conclusion - March/April 2015

Trade-off with open posts:
("Last chance!" means this is the last month you can trade in these posts. Open threads with this mark will not be open when the conclusion of September comes around! "Unreplied trade!" means that there's a trade-offer that hasn't been replied to.)
Simmerprincess (5 spots left! Unreplied trade!)
Meepshit (4 spots left!)

People who are late with trading:
(The trade-limit is two weeks, no stress, but please let your trade-buddy/buddies know when/if you will be done)

* = This symbol signifies that a temp-ban bas been assigned. It means that you can't make new trades until you've finished the one(s) you've got going. If you wish to remove the ban all you have to do is finish the trade and contact us. In case the line with this symbol contains two names, unless mentioned otherwise, the ban only refers to the first name.

There are no temp-bans assigned to anyone for the time being.

Items that's been shared these months:

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What I Can Make: Sims, walls, possibly floors? I haven't tackled floors yet, but I can attempt to try them if you'd like.
My General Style: Modern, cutesy things. I have a specific request if anyone can help though, links below.
Amount of Participants I Want: 5
What I'd Like to Receive: Crib bedding. would love to get something like this link, cute, white/pink, simple, and rabbits!

I know this one might be a bigger task, especially for what I'm offering in return, I wish I could do it myself but I have abosolutely no patience or artist ability lol. BUT I LOVE the crib in this picture, and even the curtian/canopy hanging on the wall around it. and I would love love love to have both in game.

Wall decals? Or wooden letters, in different colors/patterns. letters would love just simple one tile, pink and gray is the color scheme i'm looking for most, and no more than 2 tiles for the sayings if possible. Would love all letters of the alphabet, Or wall decals with different sayings in black, white, light pink, or gray.  Like These:

I'll also take paintings in with any of the above sayings as well. like this: - another one I also would really really like to have done.

I LOOOVE shelves like this:

Either already filled with photos (like in the picture) or empty with pictures that could be placed on them.

Reaaallly really want this made into a painting in game, doesn't have to have the fluffy tail if it's too much trouble, just a flat image like picture of the bunny butt/tail is fine.

Larger wall arts of pictures arranges in a gallery wall type hanging? No specific images in them, just thing they'd be neat to have. can put some of the sayings and random sim images in them if needed to fill them out. Can be 3 or 4 tile hangings if needed.

Also, none of the items need to be exact (the paintings I pointed out reallly really wanting, or the crib/canopy) just something similiar or the closest you can get with game/meshing limitations.

Sorry this ended up getting so long :/
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Event: Mystery Box

Hello! With February quickly approaching, it's time for another event on this community. However, these are busy weeks and it's not the only event running at the moment, so it's something small. Do you know these kindereggs, where you have an egg made out of chocolate and inside there's a small toy? That's exactly what we're going to do! We're going to make tiny, tiny packages of any kind of custom content and leave them here in this thread. You can participate as many times as you wish and make the little downloads as large, or small as you wish!

Now, for the rules;

- do not mention in the title of your upload what you've made. It's a mystery, after all!
- but to not leave downloaders completely in the dark, please provide pictures and information inside your download.
- as already said, you can choose how big or small your mystery box is, and you can participate more than once.
- you can make anything; from sims to clothing recolours, walls&floors, to really big gifts. Anything is good!

This event runs from the 29th of January to the 28th of February. After the month has run its course, an index post will be made with all the gifts shared in the comments in this thread.

Trade Off - SimmerPrincess - Open

What I Can Make Sims, fakepeeps7 recolours, Skell recolours, walls and floors
My General Style: Semi-realistic/maxis match
Amount of Participants I Wants, five participants for me!
What I'd Like to Receive A lot of things can be cool, recolours of fakepeeps7's praire jane, princess nighties and Skell's letterman jackets
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Update on the BigTradeOff management

Hello! I heard back from our lovely founder, Trapping. I'm now an admin here as well, which makes it way easier to clean up the last few months and see what has been created for each other, like Lina always used to do at the end of the month. I'll be going through the past few threads and make a conclusion + reminder post. And because it's december, we'll stick a Christmas / New Years Eve event to it afterwards! (nothing too big, I know some of you are busy with Secret Santa's and the like. No need to get overwhelmed by all the things to create.)

So give it a few days, and we'll blow new life into The Big Trade Off!

Time to say goodbye

As I announced here I've descided to stop being a part of the Sims 2 community indefinitely. This means that I will no longer be running TBTO. If anyone would like to step in, take over and become a mod and owner of the site message me and we'll discuss the possibilities. Thank you so much to everyone who helped TBTO become what it's been and is today by creating, sharing and being awesome - without you this site would never have become anything. So thank you so much everyone - this has been a dream of mine and it's been so much fun to run it for over two years. It's with a sad face that I say goodbye <3
- Lina