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Trade Off by Suaper - Closed!
suaper wrote in thebigtradeoff
This is such a cool idea :D thank you for this fab little community. I feel like I'm losing touch with the simming community and I'd like to make some things for people :) even if they are relativity small.

What I can make: clothing recolours (like running actions and all that tedious stuff :P), make up blends and recolours, skin blends and recolours, eye edits, and some homecraft bits and bobs. hair re-textures and recolours too. OH and sims and houses (they'd probably be made with no CC unless you want CC)

My generall style: semi-real, semi-maxis match and I can try maxis match.

Amount of participants I want: ehhh, start off with 5 :) 2 SPOTS LEFT

What I'd like to receive: clothes (recently I've been feeling like I dress all my sims the same! it's very frustrating :|)... neonised hairs because that saves me time :P in V3.5 colours. a specific hair re-texture. male sims too :) but to be honest anything, haha. I'm easily pleased ^___^

For trappingit

download and more info here

For dutchxfan

download and more info here

for zerographic


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I added tags to your post, but other than that you followed the guidelines perfectly ^__^

What I can make: Pretty much anything that involves Bodyshop, HomeCrafter or object-making. I wouldn't mind giving a helping hand with those skins you mentioned :3

My generall style: Modern, semi maxis-match and semi-realistic.

What I'd like to recieve: I'd be happy with whatever you'd like to do but a makeup-blend (either a soft eyeshadow or a set of lips) would be awesome :D

success :P! I added the tags before I posted but it said something about not being able to add them or something.

oo this is so exciting. I may not need skin help but that's only a maybe. It's only a pixellation thing on skins I've been fiddling with for AGES. :| quite embarrassing really, haha! but I'll let you know ;)

blah blah, ANYWAY! I'm excited and I have loads of ideas so I'm gonna get starteddddd :D

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Oh, now I see. I guess I wasn't observant enough XD
I finished the conversion :D

--> DOWNLOAD <--

The files are linked to the AM-files for textures, so you will need those in your dl-folder for these to work :)

Edit: And please, do add a link to the lips so that everyone can enjoy them. I'd feel bad keeping them all to myself ^__^

Edited at 2012-04-14 12:31 am (UTC)

I'm having trouble finding the am outfit that these are linked to, can I please get a link?

It seems as if the forum is down, but no one panic, Misomoso has them up over at their Tumblr too :3

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I'll make you 2 male sims. What did you have in mind? Any specifics?

I'd like to have a starter home without any CC in return. I've got all EP's and SP's, so furnitured is okay. It has to be playable, as I actually play the game. :)

accepted :)!

I haven't got any preferences really, just blokes which are odd or good looking. no CC if it's easier for you, I rarely install a sim with it's CC :)

how many bedrooms/bathrooms would you like and what lot size :)? or is it pretty much anything goes?

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Your sims are finished. You've got a PM with the download links. Pics of the guys are HERE at my sims journal. I hope you'll like them. :)

Woot! I'll trade ya! (especially since I am shamelessly grabbing those GORG lips you made for Trapping. I'd love it if you had some item or hair you've always liked to have but haven't or can't do yourself. :) I'm definitely making you a male sim. ^_^

What I can make:
- hair re-texturing. I especially love tackling a hard hair so send me a link if you've got an old one you've been eyeing.
- object recoloring with defaulting
- anything with wall art
- Walls
- Sims

My style:
Pretty much everything. I like grungey, rock, art nouveau, art deco, hippie. Really anything and everything EXCEPT cutesy or pastels.

What I'd like to receive:
Really you can make me anything! It's all going to be great. :) I'm very eclectic with my style and I enjoy mixing and matching eras.

Edited at 2012-04-16 06:42 pm (UTC)

aw fanksss :3! this is so freaaaking accepted ;)

there is this hair here 0:D! I don't think I've come across a Pook'd version of this hair >__> and I used to use it a lot when I first started playing S3. so it would be amazing if you could Pook it up for me :3 I only use the colours in this post and I'm not overly fussed with neons - I can always give them a shot myself :). please and thanks x)!

and I have some ideas for your gift :} an eyeshadow set of some sort, maaaaybe. I'm thinking edgy rocker girl kinda thing :D

Here ya go darlin'! Per request the only colors included are these (



Edited at 2012-04-21 04:12 am (UTC)

fin! :D downloaddd

I hope they don't come off cutesy or pastel-y :3 I used Pook's new neons as well as some original ones and a natural one.

here is the swatch

and here are some awful BS previews. the models aren't wearing make up in these ones :)




~ ~

I hope you like them :) sorry it took so long too! my original idea wasn't working AT ALL. these are under eyeshadows and are for teen to elders, male and female :)

Edited at 2012-04-22 08:46 pm (UTC)

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