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The Big Conclusion - March/April 2015
Garfield mail
voleste wrote in thebigtradeoff

Trade-off with open posts:
("Last chance!" means this is the last month you can trade in these posts. Open threads with this mark will not be open when the conclusion of September comes around! "Unreplied trade!" means that there's a trade-offer that hasn't been replied to.)
Simmerprincess (5 spots left! Unreplied trade!)
Meepshit (4 spots left!)

People who are late with trading:
(The trade-limit is two weeks, no stress, but please let your trade-buddy/buddies know when/if you will be done)

* = This symbol signifies that a temp-ban bas been assigned. It means that you can't make new trades until you've finished the one(s) you've got going. If you wish to remove the ban all you have to do is finish the trade and contact us. In case the line with this symbol contains two names, unless mentioned otherwise, the ban only refers to the first name.

There are no temp-bans assigned to anyone for the time being.

Items that's been shared these months:


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