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meepshit wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: Sims, walls, possibly floors? I haven't tackled floors yet, but I can attempt to try them if you'd like.
My General Style: Modern, cutesy things. I have a specific request if anyone can help though, links below.
Amount of Participants I Want: 5
What I'd Like to Receive: Crib bedding. would love to get something like this link, cute, white/pink, simple, and rabbits!

I know this one might be a bigger task, especially for what I'm offering in return, I wish I could do it myself but I have abosolutely no patience or artist ability lol. BUT I LOVE the crib in this picture, and even the curtian/canopy hanging on the wall around it. and I would love love love to have both in game.

Wall decals? Or wooden letters, in different colors/patterns. letters would love just simple one tile, pink and gray is the color scheme i'm looking for most, and no more than 2 tiles for the sayings if possible. Would love all letters of the alphabet, Or wall decals with different sayings in black, white, light pink, or gray.  Like These:

I'll also take paintings in with any of the above sayings as well. like this: - another one I also would really really like to have done.

I LOOOVE shelves like this:

Either already filled with photos (like in the picture) or empty with pictures that could be placed on them.

Reaaallly really want this made into a painting in game, doesn't have to have the fluffy tail if it's too much trouble, just a flat image like picture of the bunny butt/tail is fine.

Larger wall arts of pictures arranges in a gallery wall type hanging? No specific images in them, just thing they'd be neat to have. can put some of the sayings and random sim images in them if needed to fill them out. Can be 3 or 4 tile hangings if needed.

Also, none of the items need to be exact (the paintings I pointed out reallly really wanting, or the crib/canopy) just something similiar or the closest you can get with game/meshing limitations.

Sorry this ended up getting so long :/

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I would love to get the paintings still if you could! That would be awesome!

And I can def do walls! Is there any certain patterns or colors you like more/are looking for?

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Okay, I did... a few. Or okay.. more than a few. I think I got most of the ones you wanted and I found some other cute animal-ish patterns to throw in. I've left in the texture image as a preview for each and named each package file the same as it's preview image so they should be easy to switch out or leave out any you don't like/want. Hopefully that made sense!

Also let me know if anything is weird about them, this is my first time uploading for anything at all in game, so I'll attempt to figure out the problem if there are any!

Download here

Edited at 2015-02-28 05:44 am (UTC)

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Yay! So glad you like them!

Aah! They're perfect and so cute! I think you missed added a download link for them though? Or I totally over looked it?

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LOL No worries! But yayy! Now I can litter these all over my houses! THanks a ton :D

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