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Time to say goodbye
trappingit wrote in thebigtradeoff
As I announced here I've descided to stop being a part of the Sims 2 community indefinitely. This means that I will no longer be running TBTO. If anyone would like to step in, take over and become a mod and owner of the site message me and we'll discuss the possibilities. Thank you so much to everyone who helped TBTO become what it's been and is today by creating, sharing and being awesome - without you this site would never have become anything. So thank you so much everyone - this has been a dream of mine and it's been so much fun to run it for over two years. It's with a sad face that I say goodbye <3
- Lina

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Sorry to hear that you're leaving, you're one of my favourite content creators.

However you have to do what is right for your life, and as much as we all enjoy it, at the end of the day the sims is just a game and real life is far more important.

I wish you well for the future :)

Good luck with your future! I know that you'll be missed.

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