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Trade-Off - Lilith - Closed
lilith_sims wrote in thebigtradeoff
Long time no trade :D

What I Can Make: I can make both semirealistic or Maxis-match CC, hair retexturing and recoloring, eyes (re-sclera and recolor), makeup blends and recolors, skinblends and skin recolors, basic clothing recolors, sims.

My General Style: I'm mostly Maxis-Match but I like semi-realistic stuff too ^^

Amount of Participants I Want: 3, for now. This trade is now closed :)

What I'd Like to Recieve:
- 3t2 hair conversions (like Newsea Melt Away or Skysims 187);
- Casual clothes for adults and teens (any gender);
- Makeup. I love natural looking lips or chapped lips, blushes, face details, freckles and birthmarks, nosemasks and eyeshadows in natural colors (Trapping's actions), cat eyeliner and natural looking eyelashes. I also like makeup sets that include some bold strong colors (for example, red, purple and black lips, smokey-eye eyeshadows) or stronger eyeliners.
- Accessories like flower crowns or cute earrings;
- Hair retextures with my edit of Remi's Base Game Texture (especially male hairs - I use some of Pooklet's naturals: dynamite, depth charge, incendiary, molotov and mail bomb for grey);
- Eyes in Alfred Askew's sclera;
- Simple walls in light pastel colours.

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I finished your gift :D

There's a swatch for the walls and pictures of NewSea's Belladonna-hair from all angles as well as credits and info included in the download :3

--> DOWNLOAD <--

Aaaa! :DDD You've made so many things and everything is so lovely! The Belladona hair will look really cute for kinds I'm guessing *w* The top and the walls are really cool too! Oh but my favorite things is the flower crown <3 Thank you so much, Lina!

Yay, I'm glad you liked everything :D
The idea for the flowercrown was the first thing that popped into my head when I started working on your gift, so I'm really glad that you like it especially ^_^ <3

A MILLION times I'm sorry because I'm so incredibly late :( My thesis has been keeping me quite busy... I hope I'm not suspended from the community yet :(

I've made you a female sim:


Hope you like her <3

She's gorgeous :D <33333
Thank you so much ^_^ <3

Don't worry about taking a bit longer than two weeks to finish - it's cool, especially since you have a good reason for being busy. You'd have to be several months late to get suspended (and that suspension only lasts until you've finished your trades) so you weren't even close to the edge :)

Eeee :D I'm super glad you like her! Phewww I'm glad I didn't get suspended, I like this community way too much <3

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