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The Big Christmas Stocking-Challenge of 2013
trappingit wrote in thebigtradeoff

Hi people! I hope you're all doing well and that life isn't being to rough on you. Christmas is closing in and you know what? We're planning on throwing an event just like we did last year. This year, however, there's a little twist - nobody gets to peek at the gifts before December 25th (nope, not even members *gasp*).
How will this little thing work then? Well, anyone who'd like to is welcome to make a gift for the rest of the members of the community. It can be a re-color, re-texture, new mesh, sim, lot, edits of stuff... whatever you'd like to make! And then you post it as a comment to this post and it'll automatically be screened so that no one will be able to see it (mowhaha >:D). On December 25th all gifts will be unscreened and everyone will get to enjoy the presents that's been put in the stocking ^_^

Now for some deadlines and stuff. Gifts have to be posted before the 25th of December - I mean, gifts afterwards is nice too but it'd be even more awesome to get everything in a bundle, wouldn't it ;D
When you post your gift make sure you include atleast one picture of the item (more than one is welcome too - the more the merrier), some info about the download (if it requires any mesh(es), if there's anything the downloader has to be aware of etc.), a download-link and credits. You can make a as many or as few gifts as you'd like and you don't have to post everything at the same time if you make more than one gift ^_^

Deadline: December 24th (or early morning December 25th) The challenge is over, thank you to everyone who participated :D <3
Obligatory items to have in your submission: Picture(s), info, download-link & credits.

If there are any questions feel free to post them in a comment to this post - they'll be unscreened and replied to. Have a lovely December (and end of November), guys :D <3

Number of gifts in the stocking: 34
Days left to create: 0

Pictures of the participation-prize, which will be sent out to everyone who has participated once December 25th hits which have now been sent out (check your inboxes, guys), can be found under the cut :3

EDIT: The gifts can now be viewed and under the cut you can find a master-list ^_^

Participation prizes:

Stocking Gifts:

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I bring a re-texture of CatOfEvilGenius' alpha skirt shoeswapped with Sentate's wedges and re-colored in four shades as well as converted for adults (pictured). The adult-files are slaved to the teen-files for textures so those ARE REQUIRED! The teen-mesh has a fat-morph and the adult-mesh has both a fat- and a preg-morph. I hope you'll like them and happy holidays! :3

--> DOWNLOAD <--

Skirtmesh - CatOfEvilGenius
Shoes - Sentate

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