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Tradeoff by digitaldollies (pkheartznroses) --Gifts inside (some of them)
pkheartznroses wrote in thebigtradeoff
Updated with gift posts linked and pictures, these are my trades, and boy am I so glad that I joined this. In the next couple of days I'll do a sort of index for the gifts shared in the thread so people don't have to wade through lots of posts.

Posting 2 more gifts, 1 more to go. \o/

gifts shared so far, just click on the picture, and if I've done it right it should take you right to their posts.

Bunhead's gift to me, a gorgeous skirt with sexy shoes, and look at the details, so jealous and grateful.

Trapping's gift to me, a glorious TS3>TS2 hair conversion with 3 different textures (one of which is braids ...eeeeeeee)
Amazingly cute object recolors by akatonbo, she also did Jonesi blanket recolors too, so you get co-ordinates. How fun is that?

How awesome is this, I've been wanting something like this forever.
What I can make: body shop meshes - mostly maxis remixes, but I can pretty much do anything that you request. I love learning new things (crappy textures though), object recolors, add-on object meshes but I'm still new to it.

My general style: Body shop semi maxis match for textures, but when I do something for someone else it's your choice :)

Amount of participants I want: Let's start with 5 and see how that goes.
What I'd like to receive: To be very honest, I always need help with retexturing my meshes, so even a base texture that I can run color actions over or put some patterns on. I also adore TS3 > TS 2 conversions, short hair conversions and maxis match furniture recolors or add-ons. Especially cute curtains, shower curtains, and bedding. I'm easy, really and I'm thankful for whatever I get.

2 more spots left...Also decided that traders can submit surprise offering in return.

All spots filled, but I'll do another as soon as this one is done :3

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Ooh, ok. Thank you for explaining it :D

And here you go:

I converted the hair I sent you a picture of earlier. It works for all ages and comes in Pooklet's family 4 as well as the colors I use personally (Dynamite, Depth Charge, Pyrotechnic, Volatile, Mail Bomb and Io's Bastet). I made three re-textures, but couldn't descide which retexture to give you, so in the end I descided to give you all three :3

--> DOWNLOAD All <--

The files are clearly named. I hope you like them :)

I'm so sorry I'm late with this...but here goes.

I hope you enjoy these offerings as much as I love the hair. MF = maternity friendly.

1. Cozy Yoga Outfits with 3 shoe choices and MF

2. AF_AmypondSweatshirt_leggings with 3 shoe choices and MF

And for taking so long I did a small collection of separates

3. AF_TOP_TbackTank_MF // 4. AF_TOP_CapsleeveJacket_MF

5. AF_Bottom_Skinnies with 2 shoe choices_MF

6. AF_Bottom_mini with wedges


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