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Trade-off - Skellington7d - Closed
skellington7d wrote in thebigtradeoff
What I Can Make: clothing retextures/recolors, object recolors, MM hair retextures, makeup, sims
My General Style: Maxis match
Amount of Participants I Want: 3 All spots taken!
What I'd Like to Receive: separates, winterwear, formalwear, outfits with this cleavage, MM hair retextures, makeup that looks good on the Calientes, recolors of some of the Celebration party objects, anything that would be good for storytelling. I also like anything with skeletons/bones/skulls on it that I could use for the Specter family. :D If you just tell me your skill-set and I'm sure I can think of something.

For Doda:



Fortune and Romance jammies for couples, with woohoo hearts and simoleon signs. There are two styles: fully patterned (as seen on Don) and solid colored tops with the aspiration glyph (as seen on Nina). I also slaved these to Cocomama's teen conversions and enabled them for elder. Then, based on Ndyaine's His n Her PJs, I also included just the top for AF and just the bottom for AM (as seen on Dina and Mike). Yagami and Cocomama's meshes are included; GLS is required for the main PJ set.

From Doda:

Link to download post

For Xsayuriuchiha:


A lipset which is a blend of Pyxis's lip fusion and some maxis textures and some hand painting. There's some 3D shading which makes the lips look fuller.

And a strapless peplum top for AF and TF on Sentate's mesh and Keoni's conversion, both of which are included. Comes in 10 of CuriousB's colors, and the teen versions are slaved to the adult ones. The texture on the bodice is stolen from Flinn's Memory Gong dresses.


From Xsayuriuchiha:

Link to download post

For AutumnParanoia:


Wednesday Addams inspired dresses for CF. The black colors picture above come with both the pointy collar and Fakepeepz's rounded collar. There's also a handful of other recolors, including red and green holiday dresses, making for 13 recolors in total. The floral pattern is from ColourLovers.

Mesh is NOT included as per Fakepeepz7 policy, so make sure to get it here. If you'd like the layered file for recolors, here it is. :)


From AutumnParanoia:



Link to download post

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What would you like to trade?

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Sure, here's the files (they're actually GIMP files, but should work with photoshop):

Plain Yellow PJ recolors:

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OK, I have finished you gifts, one set of beanies and other set of sweaters, unluckily, I got no time to take previews, you can have the files, take previews or let people guess, meshes included! :) Files compressed and everything - here you go. Feel free to take previews :)

Thank you, Ahmed. I'll take a pic in bodyshop for now so people can see what's in there. It's starting to get chilly around where I live and that makes me want to dress my sims for winter, so your stuff will come in handy!

I'd like to trade with you! :D

What I can make: Shoe swaps, Separate clothes, convert hairs to most ages and possibly gender convert. I could also do MM hair retexture.

What I'd like to receive: I pretty much like anything you make, so Im okay with whatever you come up with :)

Hi! :D

Do you think you could separate the top from Yuxi's Femme Inertia outfit?:

I'll probably make you some clothing. (kind of vague I know, but I have some ideas and I still have to decide on one!)

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The top and the lipset posted up-top are for you. I hope you like them!

Yay! I love them <3

Im working on my part, but had some RL things going on for the past week. It's probably gonna be up tomorrow, just need to wrap it up and put it here :)

EDIT: The shirt separating ended up being more difficult than I thought because the original outfit was really long and the only way I could get it to work [without texture overlapping with pants] is to change the UV map drastically and it just didnt look good anymore.
Is there anything else you'd want? Im really sorry I took so long and in the end couldnt get it done. :/

Edited at 2012-11-26 01:48 pm (UTC)

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Done! Im sorry it took so long but I actually figured out how to do the Yuxi Femme Inertia top you asked for, and because I felt bad I did the Bohemian skirt as well. >.< It was a nice learning experience and thank god for Trapping meshes. Anyways, Here we go. :)


Yuxi's Femme Inerita made into Top only. Comes in four original colours. I tried to make it fit more pants so it might look a little odd with slimmer ones, I hope that's okay. (If you'd like it slimmer, feel free to tell me and I'll make it.) Credit to Yuxi for both original mesh and textures.

And also,

The Bohemian outfit from Freetime, bottom only with blockfeet. Comes in five original colours. Credit to Amaryll.

Download! :)

Ooh thank you so much! I can't wait to put these in my game! :D These are separates I've been secretly wanting for a long time.

Those bohemian bottoms look so great!

I'd love to trade with you if you want me?

What I can make: Most Bodyshop content (especially clothes), plus some object recolours.

What I'd like to recieve: Your stuff is always amazing, so anything would be good with me. :)


I have a lot of "goth"ish characters who your style would work well for. :D Any skeleton or stripey stuff would be great!

Done! Sorry it took so long, been really busy with various RL things. I made you both stripey and skull-y things. :)

An edit of Amaryll's Yesterday dress, now strapless and stripey! Mesh included, credit to Amaryll.

Skull underwear for teen to elder. No meshes required, credit to fanseelamb for the texture on the underwear, Bruno for the bra texture, and this site for the skull pattern.


(By the way, my sim kids love your Wednesday dresses. :D)

Thank you so much! Those dresses look so great with the stripes and I dig the original undies those are based on, so it's great to have them with the skull pattern.

I'm glad they like those dresses! :D

I'm glad you like them. :)

Just posted something for you above! :D

Oh wow, that's amazing! Thank you so much. :D

Working on my half of the trade but uni work suddenly got hectic so it may take a few more days to finish/post, sorry.

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