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Trade Off - Nabila - Closed
nabila_ici wrote in thebigtradeoff
I had so much fun the last time round, I'm looking forward to doing it again! ^^

What I Can Make: Sims, clothes (mainly retextures, but I have been getting into meshing), hair retextures, skin blends, make up, object retextures and homecrafter edits.

My General Style: Semi-realistic, with a tendency to have an Arabian/Oriental flair :3

Amount of Participants I Want:Hmm, let's go with 4 this time (for now). All spots taken!

What I'd Like to Receive: Pretty much anything goes with me, so please, go in whatever direction you'd like! I've really nothing in mind that I want in particular, but if you're absolutely stumped for inspiration feel free to browse around my Livejournal, or take a look at this post.

(Note: I'm off to the beach tomorrow and will be back Friday, so just a heads up that it'll be unlikely that I'll have a strong enough connection to upload something before then)

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I was hoping you would do another one of these :)

What I Can Make: Object meshes and recolours. I could make you some Arabian styled deco objects maybe?
My General Style: Medieval, Arabian, Persian, Greek
What I'd Like to Receive: Arabian-esque object or build mode retextures. I can make a few specific suggestions if you accept me, but I'll be happy with anything in your typical ornate Arabian style, honestly.

Hi Eva! Of course I'd love to trade with you :3 and I would LOVE anything with an Arabian vibe as you suggested, feel free to make whatever you want! Also please do send some suggestions as to what you'd like to receive!

Hi again Nabila,

I'm really sorry, but I haven't finished your gift yet. I've been finishing up my thesis (has been handed in now) and I got a new computer so I'm reinstalling TS2 and everything needed for creating. I promise I'll make you more soon, but here's a tiny part one of your gift already: 5 sandy terrain paints.

More previews:


Hi Nabila,

I'm sorry part II took me forever to make. But it's finished now. I've made you 5 vases in 5 sizes each, inspired by pictures of Arabian vases. They're slaved to my Moroccan vases, so you'll need those, but I've included them in the upload.

I've also made 30 recolours for both subsets, plus 11 extra "fillings". Those are various seeds, spices and rice, water, wine and beer.


I'm not sure what's going on exactly, but I hope things get easier for you soon.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but Nabila asked me to tell you that she currently doesn't have access to her computer, so your gift will be a bit late. Hopefully you'll get it before August is up. She also wanted me to add that she liked the terrain pants you made :)

Hi Trapping,

if/when you talk to her again, please tell her that I don't mind waiting at all. There's no hurry whatsoever. In fact, if she can't make a gift at all, that's ok too. I know she has some kind of issue going on right now and real life is way more important than making cc.

(Deleted comment)
What I Can Make: Sims, Houses, Hair retextures and gradients, defaults for eyes, skins, eyebrows, and makeup

My General Style: Semi-maxi, simple & clean

What I'd Like to Receive: Anything, I love your creations

Hi fanaskher! I think it'd be best if you started another thread so we don't get muddled with Uleishi (trade accepted, by the way, but please give me a slightly more specific idea of what you would like!)

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(Deleted comment)
Oh those are so lovely! Thank you so much Uleishi! Here's your gift (so sorry to keep you waiting!):

First up, a retexture of WFS' Zen Bonsai, available in 3 colours - inspired by japanese maple bonsais:

And secondly, two golden recolours of WFS' Zen Teapot:

Click me!

(Deleted comment)
Ahem. Let's take care of my pesky bigtradeoff virginity with this now.

What I Can Make: everything except object meshing, really.
My General Style: aesthetically pleasing? :D hurr durr
What I'd Like to Receive: lacking in the swim/outer/underwear departments (all ages and both genders) and I'd love some heavy eyelidded eyeshadows :)

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and you can make me anything and i will squee into your ear later

Ermagerhd, I finished trade things for you! I also just realized I uploaded these photos to Tumblr, which is going down for maintenance tomorrow and in all likelihood, so will these pictures. Arriba!

This here's a dress with biker boots (courtesy of Synaptic Sim). Trapping was glorious and made the morphs for the mesh, I kind of painted the textures. Th dress isn't perfect but when is life ever, right? It comes in four different colours, swatch shown in the preview.

Credits go to Lina, Amaryll and Synaptic Sim.

Eyeshadows! I blended together some Mousey lids and Ephemera waterlines (if that's what they're called, hooplumbloo), did some painting and used Trapping's skintone colours as reference. They come in six natural colours, except for that purple there. Yup.

Credits: Trapping, Mouseyblue, Ephemera

Okay, two things badly previewed above: the hair retexture (Cazy fh045 in edited Pooklet textures, the same 22 colours I always use, elders keep their colours and get grey ones too, mesh included, all ages, here's a better preview in Bodyshop, so on so on) and that sim. She's Aline, here's her CC list. I packaged her without custom hair or clothes, just skintone, eyes and make up are included.

Credits: Cazy, Pooklet, all the creators who made the CC I slapped on that sim.

Speaking of sims, I also included Tia here. Sorry there's no new picture, lazy is as lazy does. Or something. Again, no custom hair or clothes. The cc included with her is here.

Guess that was all then. Love you, download on dropbox! 8)

Oh boo all spots taken ;______; I'll make you something non-tbto then sometime...xD


This was my first time attempting nosemasks recolors. They're both by Sironasims and uses Trapping's Actions for the different tones. The female sim is modeling the second set of nosemasks. Two hair retextures in Pooklet's V3 textures and naturals. Familied and binned. Mail Bomb for elders. Mail Bomb and Pipe Bomb as customs. Finally, the female sim named Tori for you. I hope you like what I made for you.


Skysims 35

Peggy Aug '12 Gift

Tori For Nabila

Edited at 2012-08-03 10:59 pm (UTC)

Nabila asked me to tell you that she doesn't have access to her computer right now so she can't upload her gift for you at the time being, but hopefully you'll get it before the month is up. She also said that she really liked your gift :)

I can wait and I'm happy she liked my gifts to her. :)

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