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You know all the "comment and I make you a Sim"-posts that's been going around? The ones that in some cases evolved to including more things than Sims? Well, something that's popular and (above that) fun to do deserves to get some attention. In this case I figured a community would be a good way to go. This is The Big Trade-Off. Dedicated to requests in forms of trading items with each other. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner on creating or have done it for years - anyone is welcome to participate. How will this work then? Well, first of all you need to become a member so go do that. The goal is that there when this gets started will be at least one running post at all times where members trade items with each other (more info will be found under the cut). If this goes the way I hope there will be events, challenges and contests laying ahead ^__^

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The Big Makeover-Challenge of Summer 2014
Garfield mail

For those that have been with this community since the beginning might recognise this challenge - indeed, we have done this before - two years ago - and we decided to bring it back! We had loads of lovely entries last time. Just scroll down to the comments and look at all the awesome sims people made!

Under the cut you will find five different sims, with different genetics. It's up to you to pick one sim and make them over, in whatever style you like. However, that wouldn't be much of a challenge and the idea is here to make a piece of custom content specifically for this sim. You can think of a piece of makeup, clothing, hair, or maybe even an entire skinblend if you're feeling creative. You can make an entire set, or just a single recolour, it's all okay! As long as you created it for this makeover. This special piece of cc will then be shared along with your pictures and made over sim.

Along with the sims and the rules, there is a small participation prize under the cut.

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Trade-off - Trapping - Closed!
What I Can Make: Pretty much anything in Bodyshop and HomeCrafter. I also know my way around making objects.
My General Style: Quite modern, semi realistic. You can see pictures from my game under this tag at my LJ :)
Amount of Participants I Want: 3 5, I'd love to do two more trades if anyone's interested. 1 spot left!
What I'd Like to Receive: Anything that suits my game style, really. I always have room for new clothing and hairs, but I wouldn't say no to walls, makeup or objects or anything else for that matter. I love surprises :3

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Trade-off-Lady L.-Closed
rapunzel, tangled
What I Can Make: Walls, floors, sc4 terrains, very very simple clothing recolours
My General Style: Maxis-match grunge (think the University refrigerator, tile floor, etc.)
Amount of Participants I Want: 3 Full up!
What I'd Like to Receive:
-Things that would be suitable for a BACC starting out--stuff like log furniture, farming clutter, etc.
-Candles that work as lights
-BV-binned jewelry
-AF and TF skirts. I can never have enough skirts! (Shoe-wise, I love Bunhead's peeptoes and Sentate's T-straps)
-Wood floors in AL woods
-Neighbourhood deco--stuff that belongs in an abandoned Rust Belt town--old warehouses, etc.
-Bedding in HafiseAzale's Skunky Palette. Rugs would be awesome too!

The Big Conclusion - May/June 2014
Trade-offs with open spots:
("Last chance!" means this is the last month you can trade in these posts. Open threads with this mark will not be open when the conclusion of September comes around! "Unreplied trade!" means that there's a trade-offer that hasn't been replied to.)
Lonelyeco (4 spots left!)
LithiumVortex (1 spot left - last chance!)
Flowermisty (1 spot left - last chance!)
Slyndsey (1 spot left - last chance!)

People who are late with trading:
(The trade-limit is two weeks, no stress, but please let your trade-buddy/buddies know when/if you will be done)
Pkheartznroses & Verocchio (I know that your wrist still hasn't healed and that you therefore are unable to finish your trades for the time being.)
Pkheartznroses (Read above!)
Nabila (*)
Greymanticore & Esperesa/Yuxi (*)
Vupii & Syl_gordon (*)
Nihilistnailz & Nymphynymms (*)
Ilex_sims & Alfredaskew (*)
Soft_princess & Trappingit (*)
Astridattack & Meepshit (*)
Clericalrodent & 15dozentimes (I saw your post about your computer and that you'll finish whenever it gets back from the repairs. Best of luck!)
HCove & Nymphy (Please let your trading-buddy know when you might be able to finish.)
HCove & Yandereplum (Read above.)
Zora_graves & Hermit_fox (I've seen your message regarding your health. Take care.)
Eltaninz (I read that your computer's been slow and that you've been busy with school lately so it's cool!)
Wickedsims2 & Dark_moon689 (I saw the picture of the gift. I'll check this as done once the DL-link comes up :3)
Soliamore & Jomeo_sims (Please let your trading buddy know when you might be able to finish.)

* = This symbol signifies that a temp-ban bas been assigned. It means that you can't make new trades until you've finished the one(s) you've got going. If you wish to remove the ban all you have to do is finish the trade and contact us. In case the line with this symbol contains two names, unless mentioned otherwise, the ban only refers to the first name.

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Trade Off- Lonelyeco- Open
What I Can Make: Pose Boxes (Any), Animation Boxes (almost any animation), Clothing Recolors, object recolors (Mostly pictures, but I can do all)
My General Style: Urban, Modern, Realistic, Asian
Amount of Participants I Want: 5
What I'd Like to Receive:
Accessory- A pencil as a hand accessory
Conversions- Calvin Cao's [Clothing] Shocking! clothes Clothing>#11 converted for CPU mesh. Located in Credit Info.
Recolors- Some urban recolors of simsomnia's april wardrobe platform sneakers 2.

I only do Sims 2 custom content, and animations take me a good while due to me wanting to have them realistic so be patient with me. Also, if you want poses send me pictures of the poses and if you want animations send me the link to the video.

Trade Off - Jomeo - Closed

What I Can Make: Sims, mainly. But I can do extremely basic clothing recolours, lip blends, and I'm learning shoeswaps
My General Style: Semi realistic, Vintage/Retro: 1920 - 1960, No photoskinning please :)
Amount of Participants I Want: 1
What I'd Like to Receive: I'm not fussy! - Here's some general ideas though. (If it's retro I will love you forever.)
I use Pooklet hair textures, Goat/iCad wood, Anna's & Poppet's colours and Lilith skinblends.
Bodyshop - Clothing for adults and children, 3t2 Store clothing conversions - I want my hands on that Jazz Age Wear set so bad, Pooklet'd versions of any of these, Nosemasks, 3t2 Hair conversions.
Objects - Clutter! Lots and lots of clutter! Any decorative stuff is nice, object recolours
Build - Walls/Floors, Cornice fencing, plants
Lots - No larger than 2x2, I like them teeny!

Trade Off - Dark_Moon - Closed
What I Can Make: Buy mode stuff mainly, object conversions from TS3 and other games if I can get my hands on the meshes. Recolors of buy or build stuff. I can manage clothes, age-conversions, shoeswaps, adding morphs or separates and sometimes even converting from TS3.
My General Style: Mostly maxis match furniture but with nicer textures or worst from wear (I think that the expression). Pooklet hair colors. I have two 'hoods a modern one and a medieval-fantasy one.
Amount of Participants I Want: 4.
What I'd Like to Receive:
- Clothing or hair conversions from TS3, retextures of hairs for both genders Pooklet's v2-textures or Nymphy's wavy texture, I would loved some streak hairs in specific color combos. Or some Skysims hairs pooklet.
- Industrial looking furniture
- Lots residential,
apartments or community in small or medium sizes, toddlers and kids stuff are always welcome.
- Distressed
worn retextures/recolors of furniture, maxis or CC. For example BB's awesome sets, Anne's modular seating. Maxis furniture the neon bar, neon serve, 52 Pick Up card Table, or some of the BG sofas...
- Pretty much anything that looks sort of worn or post-apocalyptic.
- Or that would fit in medieval or fantasy setting.
- Some distress recolors of clothing would be cool too.
- S
eparates, tops and/or bottoms, for any age and gender. Appropriate for any category it gives more versatility if I just mix and match the Sims wardrobe from separates..
- Brick and wood, walls and floors.

Or anything you feel like making, I am not picky.
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Trade-off - Trappingit - Done!
What I Can Make: Pretty much anything in BodyShop and HomeCrafter. I also know my way around making objects.
My General Style: Semi maxis-match/semi-realistic. Rather modern.
Amount of Participants I Want: 2
What I'd Like to Receive: I'm open to pretty much anything as long as it fits in my game in general. I love clothing for any age group/gender, hairs for both genders (preferably all ages enabled) in Io's edit of Pooklet's v2-textures/Nymphy's wavy texture/the African textures from the TS3 store, walls, floors, IKEA-esque objects, makeup in any cathegory (especially lips <3)... etc. I'm sure anything would make me a very happy camper ^_^

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Trade-off - Amaryll - Closed (temporarily)
What I Can Make: clothing meshes, basic object meshes, genetics, make-up

My General Style: semi-realistic

Amount of Participants I Want: 5 (but I might open more spots later on)

What I'd Like to Receive: defaults for multi-grouped clothing/hair, age conversions, hair in Lilith's textures, object recolours/retextures

I can't words, so I quote from Tumblr:
I have been debating with myself whether it’d be terribly bad manners if I asked someone else to do a task for me I could do myself, but terribly dislike, and in turn offer to make something for them. I know passing on boring tasks to someone else is basically “not nice”, but I guess other people might not mind them as much as I do?

Basically, if you ever wanted something for your sims, but would have needed a mesher, this is the time. ;)

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